Wednesday, June 28, 2006

roses. OutKast

I first heard this song at the frinds club in Itewon and Its just a great song, so please enjoy it

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

what might have been, by little texas

what a great song

Well guess what I did on Saturday, Well it was Ben's idea and I went along with it.

What you see in the pot is Dog.



It actualy tasted ok, I was a very different meat taste but it was ok.

Not sure if I will ever eat it again but for one day we did.


We both saw it and neither of us could believe it, then we went to the COEX sea world and we loved what we saw.

We saw JAWS, and man those were some scarry looking sharks.

we had a great time and it was fun, Ben will leave for EGYPT on Saturday, so good bye and see you when I see you.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

ok i know its alot of videos but the mavs lost and I just needed to see and hear some music.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

love the music, hate there stupidity (insulting your fan base is never smart.)

Alot of you will not understand why I put this one up. For those who do..Letters from Home. I still cry at the end of this one for the obvious reasons.

How not to get your ass kicked by the police.

Funnt Chris Rock Bit.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody and queen - one year of love

my favorite queen songs.

What can I say, Its a true classic


Its a song that I have always liked, to me its always sumed up my love life.

Desperado, you ain't gettin no younger,
Your pain and your hunger, they're drivin you home,
And freedom, oh freedom, well that's just some people talkin.
Your prison is walking through this world all alone.

Here is the entire song.

Desperado, why don't you come to your senses,
You've been out ridin fences for so long now,
Oh and you're a hard one, but I know that you've got your reasons,
The things that are pleasin' you can hurt you somehow.

Don't you draw the Queen of Diamonds boy, she'll beat you if she's able.
You know the Queen of Hearts is always your best bet.
Now it seems to me some fine things have been laid upon your table,
But you only want the ones you can't get.

Desperado, you ain't gettin no younger,
Your pain and your hunger, they're drivin you home,
And freedom, oh freedom, well that's just some people talkin.
Your prison is walking through this world all alone.

Don't your feet get cold in the wintertime,
The sky won't snow and the sun won't shine,
It's hard to tell the nighttime from the day.
And you're losin all your highs and lows,
Ain't it funny how the feelin goes away?

Desperado, why don't you come to your senses,
Come down from your fences- open the gates.
It may be rainin, but there's a rainbow above you.
You'd better let somebody love you,
You'd better let somebody love you,
before it's too late.

What a cool song, country and rap together.


To Sam, Lilah, Chad, Michelle and others. Thank you for doing your part for the USAF, until we meet again: when we do, the next round will be on me.

God Only Knows - Beach Boys ( IN Love Actually)

A great song a great film.

Johnny Rivers performs Poor Side of Town and Secret Agent Man at benefit concert in 2000.

Well these are 2 of my all time favorite songs, its a slower place then normal, but man what 2 great songs

Is this the way to Amarillo

Soldiers in Iraq have created their own spoof video of the number one hit song, Is This The Way To Amarillo - and crashed an MoD website as their mates rushed to view it.

Troops from the Royal Dragoon Guards shot the home video at their base in al-Faw before emailing it back to army friends in London.

The soldiers' version proved so popular at the MoD that it crashed the server because it took up so much memory on computers. . .

There are simply certain things the British can do better than anyone else. . .

. . . By which I mean in this context that there is "cheekiness" in British humor that Americans and others can never quite pull off in the same way.

When I saw how they cleverly tied the video to "Amarillo", Elmer Bernstein's theme from "The Great Escape" popped to mind. (The film and Bernstein himself might have both been officially classed "U.S.", but it has a very British quality about it -- Steve McQueen aside.) That was a tune that absolutely captured the spirit of that film (based on a real event) about a group of POWs planning their escape. Similarly, being encamped in Iraq ain't exactly on the way to Amarillo, of course. And everyone knows that. Also, the video is decidedly "Python-like" -- except that it is miles funnier than even the best thing that the Python guys ever did . . . for this video combines both "cheekiness" and real-life.

We don't see this sort of thing too often. In a world where everything seems planned to the "enth" degree, and where too many are paid loads and are decidedly unfunny, this semi-private, very good humor emanating from guys most of us a few days ago had never heard about personally, is just plain refreshing. Smile for a moment and enjoy it.

UPDATE: From CBBC (that's right, it's actually made a children's site):

Three soldiers whose spoof version of the Amarillo video crashed a government computer system say they're amazed how popular their gag has been.

Roger Parr, Andy Stokoe and Mungo Ker from the Royal Dragoon Guards Tank Regiment made their video to cheer up the lads who were serving in Iraq. . .

. . ."It's been fantastic - more than we expected," said Roger. . .

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

After all of these years, I still miss "Peanuts" reading the football one sure reminded me of that.

RIP "Sparky"

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Well what can I say, I am a huge NY Yankees fan and the fact that I hate the Whinny Red Sox's nation. I think the new teacher is A Red Sox's fan! Oh well enjoy the bad memory from 1986.

1986 World Series Game 6 Re-Enacted in RBI Baseball

So last week had the first day since I've been keeping the blog that I missed an entry. I felt bad about this lack of discipline, and no doubt you were upset as well. I wanted to post the little project that I was working on that diverted my attention from posting about music. I decided that I wanted to enter this YouTube Cybersmack contest and win $25,000 for creating the best internet viral video, so I decided to re-enact Game Six of the 1986 World Series in RBI Baseball, my favorite video game of all time. Game Six is one of the most surreal, unbelievable displays of sports in history, and hopefully now that the Sox have emerged victorious in the World Series, it can be seen more as an utterly stupifying comeback, and less of a devastating choke job.

So this took a long time, and I heard more of the RBI theme music in those hours than a man ever should. But I also learned a good deal about the game. Namely these two things:

-Vin Scully is a great announcer. During the 20 minute plus bottom of the tenth, the other "color man" in the booth chimes in for about 3 different comments, one of them just being "Golly!" The difference between a run of the mill broadcaster and a hall of famer is very apparent, but I cut most of the color guy out because of time constraints.

-Secondly, the blame that Bill Buckner has taken for this loss over the years is just shockingly high compared to the Red Sox pitching staff. They are the true people who choked the game away. Obviously Buckner made a terrible error, but they put the Red Sox in an unbelievable position, one that you can't imagine any of today's modern super-closers ever ending up in.

Without further ado, here is the video: The 1986 World Series Game 6 Re-Enacted in RBI Baseball. Unfortunately it is about 6 minutes longer than the three minute YouTube contest limit, but I hope that people enjoy the video even if it doesn't result in a major cash payday for yours truly.

My Favorite Urban Legend.

"In the Air Tonight" is the subject of variations of an urban legend arising from the lyrics' reference to drowning.
The most common version claims that Phil Collins saw a man drowning but was too far away to do anything, but a man nearby who could have saved him did nothing. Other versions of the rumor claim that the drowning was not accidental, but murder.

Another version of the legend goes that Phil Collins was at a lake with his best friend, who went for a swim. His friend began to struggle in the water, but Collins had never learned to swim so couldn't help. Collins stopped a passing jogger and asked him to help his friend, but the man refused and Collins' friend died.

Another version of the legend is that while at camp as a young child, Phil Collins awoke to find his counselor missing and looked out to see that the counselor was by the lake, watching a boy drown, but doing nothing.

According to the legend, Collins bought the man a front row ticket to one of his shows, put a spotlight on the man, and sang the song to him before the audience. Again, depending on the version, either Collins had the man arrested, or the man was filled with guilt and committed suicide.

Years later, Collins commented on the legends about the song in a BBC World Service interview:

In the Air Tonight

I don't know what this song is about. When I was writing this I was going through a divorce. And the only thing I can say about it is that it's obviously in anger. It's the angry side, or the bitter side of a separation. So what makes it even more comical is when I hear these stories which started many years ago, particularly in America, of someone come up to me and say, 'Did you really see someone drowning?' I said, 'No, wrong'. And then every time I go back to America the story gets Chinese whispers, it gets more and more elaborate. It's so frustrating, 'cos this is one song out of all the songs probably that I've ever written that I really don't know what it's about, you know.

One of the most famous references to this urban legend is the song Stan by rapper Eminem, who referred to it using the following lyrics:

You know the song by Phil Collins, "In the Air Tonight"
about that guy who coulda saved that other guy from drowning
but didn't, then Phil saw it all, then at a show he found him?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Now there are certain songs that I just loved from the very first time that I heard it.

Celine Dion - Immortality Videoclip (ft. Bee Gees)

Not a clue why I like it, My guess is because I like the Bee Gees. OMG I just admited that.


Spandau Ballet - True

Hopefuly one day, I will get to slow dance with a beautiful lady to this song.

Its just an awesome song. Its one I should never have even liked. I always used to crank the car radio when this song came on.

Well if its hard out here for a pimp then, I'm Rick James Bitch. Enjoy yourself! Its a celebration.

When I first saw it, I was laughing so hard, now I can share it with the blog.

Hustle & Flow - It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp

When he is trying to get his money for the rent.

What can I say? I love the saying.

MAVS GAMES PARODY of the Narnia Rap

The very first time I saw Johnny Cash's Hurt, I watched it 10 times in a row, It just blew me away. I still shed a tear every time I watch this. The man in black had a huge hit with this one.

Ok I have officailly lost my mind, As a long time Dallas Mavericks fan, I am just loving watching them in the NBA finals. Enjoy the video.

I dedicate this video to, "No Pants DAN" Enjoy.

once again adults only.

Ok well this is my first video addition and its alot of NBA fights with 2PAC singing an explicit song.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


And I was on the after game radio show on the ticket. If you were listening I was Mike from Korea. And yes a P-1 fan from Korea. 1310 BABY. Loved the comment, number one show in Korea.

As a Mavs fan since Day 1, this is making my wittle brain go insane. Finally no more last place stories from the early 90's, no more Triple J past, now we have a leader in Dirk and its awesome.

To be honest, when the Mavs traded for Dirk, I did not like the trade. Man I am so glad that I was wrong on that trade. (it was Robert "Train" Taylor for Dirk in what will go down as one of the worst trades in NBA history)

when your EBAY name is Mavsman and your email is you can tell what team I cheer for!

The final cut

PHOENIX (AP) -- The Dallas Mavericks made a habit of clinching playoff series on the road, and this was their biggest yet. Now they're headed to the NBA finals for the first time in franchise's 26-year history.

Dirk Nowitzki shook off an awful start to lead a Mavericks' second-half comeback that beat the Phoenix Suns 102-93 on Saturday night to win the Western Conference finals 4-2. Nowitzki, coming off a career playoff high 50 points in Game 5, scored 16 of his 24 points in the second half and the Mavericks clinched a series on the road for the third time in three tries in these playoffs.

"We've been a good road team all season long, we believed in each other," Nowitzki said. "We went through some ups and downs this season, but the playoffs is all about showing heart and playing together." Dallas opens the NBA finals at home against the Miami Heat on Thursday night. It will be a showdown of finals' first-timers, the first time that's happened since Baltimore played Milwaukee in 1971.

The Suns, trying to survive a fifth elimination game in the playoffs, appeared well on their way to sending this series back to Dallas for a Game 7: They shot out to a 16-point first-quarter lead and were up by as many as 18 in the second.

But the Phoenix offense withered in a flurry of foul trouble, and the Suns fell in the conference finals for the second year in a row. Dallas outscored the Suns 63-42 in the second half. Josh Howard added 20 points and 15 rebounds for the Suns and Jason Terry added 17 points, all in the second half. Jerry Stackhouse scored 19 for Dallas.

Boris Diaw had 30 points and 11 rebounds for Phoenix. Steve Nash added 19 points and nine assists and Shawn Marion 13 points and 11 rebounds. Leandro Barbosa scored 14. Dallas used a 17-2 outburst to claim its first lead since 2-0, 68-66 on DaSagana Diop's rebound stuff shot with 9:42 remaining. Stackhouse's 3-pointer with 5:01 left put Dallas up 83-77. Howard's 3-pointer at 1:29 clinched it at 93-83.

Nowitzki, 3-for-13 for a season-low 11 points in his previous game in Phoenix, was 2-for-9 with eight points in the first half, and the Mavericks trailed 51-39 at the break. His second three-point play of the quarter -- on Thomas' fourth foul -- cut the lead to 64-56, the first time the Mavs had been within single digits since the game's opening minutes.

His 18-footer cut it to 66-60, followed by his 12-footer that sliced Phoenix's lead to 66-62 with 58.2 seconds to play in the third. Barbosa's layup was waved off as a 24-second shot clock violation with 9.2 seconds to play, and the score was 66-62 entering the fourth quarter.

Diaw made eight of 10 shots, mostly on driving layups, en route to 20 first-half points and eight rebounds. Phoenix, outrebounded by Dallas in each of the first five games in the series, had a 24-17 advantage on the boards in the first half. But the Mavericks finished with a 39-36 advantage on the boards.

There were 26 fouls called in the first half, 13 on each team. Four Suns had three apiece -- Diaw, Raja Bell, Tim Thomas and Barbosa. Terry had three fouls and played just three minutes in the first half for Dallas. Devin Harris also drew three first-half fouls for the Mavs.

The Mavericks came out flat and the Suns pounced on the opportunity, bolting to a 26-10 lead on Marion's two free throws with 1:08 to go in the first quarter. Phoenix led 29-14 at the end of the period. Dallas, in its lowest-scoring opening quarter this postseason, was 6-for-21 shooting (29 percent) compared with the Suns' 11-for-18 (61 percent)

Doing it with defense, Dallas headed for NBA Finals*

PHOENIX (Ticker) -- Avery Johnson's transformation of the Dallas Mavericks is complete.

Displaying the defense and mental toughness instilled by their coach, the Mavericks are headed to the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history as they again shut down the Phoenix Suns in a 102-93 victory.

The fourth-seeded Mavericks closed out the second-seeded Suns in six games in the Western Conference finals. In the first championship in 35 years matching Finals debutantes, Dallas hosts Miami in Game One on Thursday.

"I think for the first time in my life I'm speechless," omnipresent owner Mark Cuban said.

Postseason superstar Dirk Nowitzki had 24 points, 10 rebounds and three blocks as Dallas dominated the second half. Jason Terry scored all 17 of his points after halftime and Nowitzki added 16 as the Mavericks outscored the Suns, 63-42.

In his first full season as coach, Johnson turned the Mavericks into one of the better defensive teams in the NBA and was named Coach of the Year. The mental toughness was evident when they beat the defending champion San Antonio Spurs on their home floor in Game Seven of the conference semifinals.

With a chance to clinch the series, the Mavericks got off to a terrible start. They trailed by 18 points midway through the second quarter and were still down, 60-45, before they tightened the defensive screws and making a remarkable reversal.