Tuesday, May 23, 2006

YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MY Baketball brain is going insane.. What a game and man, was the live sream worth 1t

119-111 Mavs win baby on to the western Conf. Finals......

OMG what a game....

Dirk, Mavs take down Spurs

Nowitzki's 35 points enough to hold off defending champs

10:20 PM CDT on Monday, May 22, 2006

By EDDIE SEFKO / The Dallas Morning News

SAN ANTONIO – There's a new basketball king in Texas, and judging from Monday night's show of courage and heart against the San Antonio Spurs, maybe the whole NBA.

Dirk Nowitzki converted a tying three-point play with 21.6 seconds left to force overtime, then a host of Mavericks came through with huge plays in the extra period as the Mavericks finally dethroned the defending NBA champions with an outrageous 119-111 victory in Game 7 Monday night at AT&T Center.

The Mavericks beat the Spurs in a playoff series for the first time, after San Antonio had ended their season in two of the previous five seasons.

The Mavericks will play either the Los Angeles Clippers or the Phoenix Suns in the Western Conference finals, starting Wednesday at American Airlines Center.

If you don't grow up as a legitimate title-contender until you confront your biggest enemies, the Mavericks have truly grown up.

And the Mavericks did it in style, with every player on the court coming up big in overtime. They scored on their first four possessions of the overtime – and stopped the Spurs twice – to go up 112-108. Then, Tim Duncan did something that he didn't seem capable of in rolling up 41 points – he missed from point-blank range, leaving a jump hook on the front rim.

Pinned in the same corner from which Jerry Stackhouse had misfired from in Game 1, he rose up on the baseline and hit a well-guarded 18-footer with 1:48 to go to put the Mavericks up by six.

Duncan scored, but moments later he would leave a jump-hook short again. Then, the Mavs could not push the lead until, after a miss by Jason Terry, who played a sharp game in returning from his Game 6 suspension, DeSagana Diop tipped the rebound to himself and was fouled with 22.7 to go. He hit the second of two free throws for a 115-110 lead.

Though Devin Harris made a silly foul before the Spurs inbounded, giving them an easy point, the Mavericks survived when Michael Finley's 3-pointer was not close and Terry grabbed the rebound. His two free throws with 15.9 left iced it.

Just getting to overtime was a chore for the Spurs.

Manu Ginobili hit a 3-pointer with 32.2 seconds left that drilled all the way through the Mavericks' hearts, giving the San Antonio Spurs their first lead of the game at 104-101.

After Ginobili's rainbow, the Mavericks set up Dirk Nowitzki and he delivered with a strong move to the basket. His layup curled in and he was fouled by Ginobili. He calmly sank the free throw to make it 104-104 with 21.6 left.

The Spurs held for the final shot, but Ginobili's drive was too hard off the backboard and Duncan had his put-back try deflected by Nowitzki.

Already, it had been a heart-pounding finish to one of the best NBA playoff series of recent memory.

And overtime was no different.

Earlier, the Mavericks could not be stopped. Their execution on offense in the first half wasn't phenomenal, then it was sensational.

It was absolutely a textbook start for how to disarm a team in Game 7 on their home court. It also showed how simple the game is when you make your first seven shots and 17 of your first 20, which the Mavericks did.

They were the aggressor from the moment the ball went up.

And they finished what they started, at least for a quarter. They were up 37-27 after 12 minutes, their biggest offensive quarter of the postseason.

They had hoped for a quick start. They started Erick Dampier in hopes of getting a little better result against Duncan. When that didn't work, they went with Keith Van Horn, hoping he would pull Duncan away from the basket and open up the gut of the Spurs' defense.

The cushion kept growing like an inflatable pillow. The Mavericks were up a dozen, then 15 and finally 58-38 after Nowitzki's nifty spin move and three-point play on the baseline.

That the Spurs cut the lead down to 14 at halftime shouldn't have been a concern for the Mavericks. They had done what they needed to do, which was turn the game into a 24-minute contest in which the Spurs were spotting them a 64-50 lead.

Somehow, you knew it wasn't going to be this easy.

The Spurs juiced up the defense in the third quarter, forcing a couple of turnovers, then three missed shots on one Dallas possession, which led to a fast-break slam by Duncan, which got the Spurs within 10, as close as they'd been since early in the second quarter.

The slow climb back into the game had commenced for the Spurs.

The Mavericks were stuck on 74 points for what seemed like an eternity and the clock seemed to be running particularly slow – at least that was the view from the Mavericks' bench.

They got two huge 3-pointers from Keith Van Horn late in the third quarter and those would be the difference, as they led 84-78 going into the fourth.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The last person is my co-worker Stephanie.

I have always felt the most sorry for her, for one reason, (someone at the party screamed, "Yeah, she has to work with you) GOOD POINT!

She has introduced me to The Eccomonist and, I do enjoy reading it. She gave me the hat and the cane for my40th bday so I did a little dance with it.

We are soon to be going our different paths in Korea, Good luck, and always remember this.

If it sounds stupid but it works, It is not stupid.

Next is Ben.

Ben is from America and he is from Chicago.

Ben is like me in one way, strange stuff just seems to happen to us, why I am never sure, it just does and I kinda like it. Ben just goes with the flow and is a fun person to know, I have introduced him to Korean adn Japaneese films that i think that he might like and so far he has liked them.

I think he is doing some traveling for awhile after his contract is over, stay safe and have fun.

NEXT we have Nichole, She is the Red Soxs fan link.

Now this is one thing that has always puzzled me thoughtout my life, why is it the really cool people in my life are, RED SOXS, COYBOYS, RANGERS FAN AND/OR JEFF GORDON FANS.

As you can see by the photos, guess what team she cheers for, on her blog she has commented that her really cool people are Yankee fans. I have to be honest here, I would not have it any other way, I guess that why we get along.

She is a fun person to be around, politically we will never agree on much but I guesss that opposites attracts. She is going to stay here in Daejeon for 1 more year. I do wish her all of the best and thanks for sharring the same timelime with me.

Well folks, then we have Dan and Greer. As you can guess, they are the Dan and Greer, link on the site. For the rest of my life I will associate one word with Dan, "BOOBS"

Dan has been a awesome person to talk to and to get to know. I will remember our "No Pants Dance" on new years, I introduced him to Coors light and to cheese sticks. Listening to him talk about New Zealand and alot of just listening to him. He is funny. Greer is his G.F. What I will remember about her is, Her blog comment, that during the winter all she wanted to to was Veg for awhile. I came up with the insame idea for there XMAS gift. It was a huge collection of DVD'S. She has sooooo many now that they could litteraly open up there own dvd store and what can I say, I know movies and I can usually find some very intresting ones.

This was also there first baseball game and watching there reaction was awesome. I would love to see them have a little girl and she has Dans personality. I will really miss these two when the fork in the road will soon hit. I hope these 2 make it and have a very happy life together.

The next are James and Kendra. They are the I love Canada blog link on my site.

I told them that I have heard of people like them childhood sweethearts that are still a couple and I had never met one until I met these 2, well alot of Canadians flat out do not like me because I support President Bush, to be honest, I am so cool with that. These 2 are jusr so cool because they are, what you see is what you get, and they are some awesome people. James did the no-pants dance with me and Dan on New Years and I really thought that Kendra would not let him play with us anymore.

A few weeks ago, Kendra father came to Korea and that night we were acting insane, I though that her dad would look at us like, ok they should not be allowed out in public anymore. Kendra said that her father had a great time.

I have learned for them why they love hockey and how much they really love each other. Maybe, one day I will find someone that love me like Kendra loves James. Good luck you 2 and Go Oilers in the NHL Playoffs.

On my 40th Birthday, At Outback I thanked each group/person now I wish to share aht I said to each group.

The first people are Troy and Alwyn, they are the Troy link that I have on my blog.

On my Birthday, Troy, Alwyn, His sister Naomi and her freind Fiona, joined us at the game. It was a blast to see him interact with his sister.

They are both from Australia and I have commented about Troys seeing snow here for one of the first times in his life. They are a great couple and some awesome people to get to know. It has been my honor to met you both and to call you both my friends.

They are leaving Korea in a few weeks and out little group is breaking up. It has been a great year knowing these 2 and we have had alot of fun. Watching Troy at his first baseball game, the mexican wave adn other things have made me realize that we are all very different but at alot of times we are so much alike.

take care you 2 and enjoy yourself, Its a celebration called life and it has been my honor to know you 2 both.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Well Yesterday was teachers day in Korea, and guess what? I received flowers.

I know USA boy gets flowers. Freaked me out too.

it states in Korean. "I love you Michael Teacher."


Monday, May 15, 2006

well its another photo of me and the Eagle. With Stephanie, Greer, Nichole and Chris.

Well on May 14, 1966 I was born and today is # birthday #40. To be quite honest, at first, I thought about just staying home and keep very quiet. Then, as usual, I get a crazy Idea. I like baseball and the Hanhwa Eagles (Daejeon) was playing today. I emailed the people that I wanted to share a day with and they all showed up. I will thank each group later on in the day but for now, lets tell the story of my 40th Birthday.

I invited Nichole, Dan and Greer, James and Kendra, Ben, Stephanie, and Troy and Alwyn (Troy's Sister Naomi and her friend Fiona joined the group also, they were visiting Troy for a few days and then they are going to London.)

Today is was the Hanhwa Eagles (Daejeon) vs the Lotte Giants (Busan) and we had to take 3 different cabs to get to the stadium, well as usual the one I took, took the longest for us to get a cab and then it took awhile to get to the game. When we arrived We discovered that it was free ticket day, the promotion was "BC Card Day" So, there was a huge crowd.

A very funny thing happened while we were trying to get tickets, Can you imagine the look on a mans face when I tell him that I need 12 tickets, it took a few minutes but we got 12 tickets and then we went inside.

We got to sit on the 3rd base outfield and then we just starting having fun, Troy, Alywn, Naomi, Fiona, Dan, Greer had never seen a live baseball game before, so watching there reaction was great. It was this time that I started dring one of my birthday presents. Nichole had bought me Coors Light (My fav Beer) and we started talking and I was having a blast.

The beer was sold in the stadium for 2$, none of us could believe it, It looks like high beer prices at games are just not a USA only. Dan was talking about 3 day cricket matches and how they would throw beer bottles at the other team. It was too funny. Troy has seens some baseball movies so he knew a litle of it. I was so glad that he got to see some Home Runs.

It was a great game, we just sat and talked about the beer, the cheerleaders. the crowd. I learned something intresting about the wave, In NZ and Australia its called the Mexican Wave. I had never hear of that before so it was different. We all had fun and we all got alot of sun. Daejeon won 8-4, so the crowd went home happy.

Then we went to Outback Steakhouse.

Now if you can imagine a group of WAEGUGKS (Foreigners) comming into one Korean store, must have been a little weird, but as usually, the food was awesome and we had a blast, I SAID A BIRTHDAY TOAST To the group, which I will talk about more after work today.

We had fun and I was very happy to share my 40th birthday with these insane people that I have come to know and like here while I work in korea.

AS Dave Chappelle said best, "I'm Rick James, bitch. Enjoy yourself. Its a celebration"

Thank you For making my 40th Birthday a very fun day everybody.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The final cut

well a few updates to pass on

still job hunting and still looking, when I know something I will pass it on.

Dallas stars lose 4-1. well isnt this special stars gone early in last 3 seasons. well I can't feel too bad detroit is gone also. Well better luck next year.

Dallas Mavericks win 4-0. Wow, what I have been able to see looks good, have only seen 1 game, nba games are not much for bit torrents, but i still try and look. nba games are not played here much on tv. I will watch and wait and see.

Nfl draft, Redskins did so so. man I hate trading these picks, please stop.

Joined a gym and will be working out alot today, lost about 2 pounds so far.

may 14th I turn 40. Wow still can not believe that one but its true.

oh well thats all for now, like I have always said, new changes I will update.