Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hello Woosong.

now I am teaching at an University (Ok those who have heard me wail about all of the stoopid LiBERAL Professors that I have delt with over my life and now I is one, please insert your own joke.) Still GOP, so the liberal part will so not happen.

I have been here appx 2 weeks and I do like it here, my place is smaller than my last, but to be honest, I did have one one the biggest places in Song-chon-dong, this one is small but hopefully in a few years I can get a big one.

The goal is real simple, first year work, second and third year work and go for my masters. Can you actually believe it, me going for a Masters Degree. sO THAT WHATS GOING ON HERE AT THE MOMENT. I completed my visa run and will have some nice photos up soon from that.

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zanigirl said...

Glad you like it, but you will be missed... especially by a liberal in song chon dong.