Sunday, August 06, 2006

I like Baseball

One of the things that I love about Daejeon is that there is a baseball team here. They are called the Hanhwa Eagles. On a few weekends here I have gone to the games. My 40th Birthday party was there. To be honest it was one of my best bithday parties in my life. All of my friends in Korea were there and to be honest we had a blast, talking about sporting events in Canada, Australia, USA and New Zealand.

It was SATURDAY and I wanted to see a live baseball game. The cost at the game was 5,000 won and I sat on the 3rd base side near the outfield.

A few weks ago, my friend Nichole, took a few of her students to a basebal game and she asked me if I wanted to come along. I sat and watched the game with her students and they also got to see me dance with the Cheerleaders and we got a free pizza for it also. It was a great time that night by all of us. Nichole is cole on myspace, she may not be comming back to Korea.

I have always wondered why Yankee fans pick Red Soxs fans to be our friends, (I do it also with Dallas Cowboy fans since I cheer for the Washington Redskins.Its weird but I guess we just like it that way.)

I was at the game and I was seeing alot of the fathers and their sons there watching the game. i did the same thing with my dad and I was wishing like hell he could have been there, watching the game with me.

We lost dad to cancer 2 years ago. It still sucks! It looks like he was exposed to agent orange here in Korea when he served in the US Army. Me and him could talk about anything and everything, I do not have anybody like that here in Korea nor in my life. I so do miss that.

It was a bad game, it rained and the eagles lost 6-0, oh well. Better luck next time.

Hopefully next time I go, they will win.

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