Thursday, September 28, 2006

We are going to the PIFF!

Ok, now what is the PIFF?

11TH Pusan International Film Festival

On October 14th at 1130 and 1430 me and my former co-worker will be watching 2 movies the first one will be 12:08 East of Bucharest this one will start at 1130 and will be playing at the CGV Jangsan 6, it is a film about  the fall of Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania and it's a Critic's Choice selection at the Festival.

The second one is Soul Kicking this one will start at 1430 and will be playing at the CGV Jangsan 6, it is a film from Greece/Cyprus and it's in the World Cinema selection. I could not get any tickets and the times just never would work for the one that I really wanted to see. The film is called Days of Glory , I know , another French War film. (The last 2 French films I really went crazy over werethe re-release of Battaglia di Algeri, La in 2004 and Joyeux Noel, the latter I gave the #1 selection on Socious best film of the year.)

I have allready seen some of the films that wil be shown here, The 9th Company, The Host and a few others. I have 2 PIFF books and tickets in hand. What really suprised me was the price of the tickets, they were 5,000 Won ($5.50) each.

It looks like a KTX ride to Pusan and then we will have to take the subway to Jangsan Station. I am so looking forward to this.

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