Sunday, December 16, 2007

The New movie
I Am Legend is a remake of 2 earlier films, The Last Man on Earth and The Omega Man

What If you wanted to make a new end-of the-world movie and then you realized that the 2 previous actors to act in your new role were Vincent Price and Charlton Heston? This is what Will Smith had to deal with when he took on this role. To be very honest I did not think that he could follow those 2 legendary actors in that role. After I watched the movie, I am still left with the doubts and wonder did CGI kill what could have been a great film into meekly a good one?

Will Smith does a good job in showing you that he is the last man on Earth. What I could not believe were his enemies, the infected. The more I watched the "infected", the more I keep looking for a reset button for my Playstation 3, thinking that this enemy would look good on my PS3 and just did not look like any real foe would in the real world.

To be honest, if you saw the earlier versions of this film, then you have seen this version also. The only difference is that Will Smith is fighting super zombies. I kept thinking that, at any time, the "Men in Black" theme would play. To help Mr. Smith defeat the bad men.

The film is basically what I call a "POPCORN" film. Good action, decent story and definately worth a KTX ride to see in in the "Imax" (If you see this film in Imax, there is a 6 minute preview of the next "Batman" movie. Well worth a look at on Imax)

Please see "I am Legend" when it is showing in Korea. It is worth your time and $.

Grade B

Opened in Korea. 12 December 2007

How I saw it CGV IMAX

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