Sunday, April 13, 2008

You've been in TEFL too long when...

You’ve been in TEFL too long when…

Alex Case has a MEME related to TEFL going. I'm copying it here and then adding my own to the list.
  1. You laminate your shopping lists
  2. When you have a house or family meeting, you ask people to discuss the issues in pairs first
  3. Two thirds of your favourite teaching books are out of print
  4. The worksheets at the bottom of your pile of things to try have started to decompose
  5. You speak to your family with Elementary level English
  6. Your foreign students teach you about the latest music from back home
  7. You even try to elicit your proposal of marriage - “What do we call it when a man and …”
  8. You've been in your host country longer than your students have been alive
  9. When you return to your home country it annoys you to no end that people are speaking English everywhere and you can't tune it out
  10. when you return to your home country, you get reverse culture shock
  11. You correct everyone's grammar, even when it's not wrong
  12. you know more acronyms than anyone should ever know
  13. you know more than 17 different fun ways to re-seat a large group of people
  14. you have more non-native English speaking friends than native speaker friends
  15. You look at English as a means to make money, not to communicate
  16. you can easily explain the difference between the simple past and the present perfect
  17. going to work in the morning makes you want to cry.
  18. backpacker is a term of derision and scorn

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