Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was an American recording artist, entertainer and businessman. The seventh child of the Jackson family, he made his debut on the professional music scene in 1968 as a member of The Jackson 5. He then began a solo career in 1971 while still a member of the group and was referred to as the "King of Pop" in subsequent years. Jackson's 1982 album Thriller remains the world's best-selling album of all time, and four of his other solo studio albums are among the world's best-selling records: Off the Wall (1979), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991) and HIStory (1995).

Wel I knew who MJ was as a child when AFN radio in Germany would play his songs. I even saw him a few times on German TV, so when "Thriller"came out in 1982, I could not believe that this same kid that I saw and heard on the tv and radio years earlier was making muisc like these 2 videos.

I can remember trying to say cool and say that I hated these 2 songs, but man seeing these on MTV was just awesome.

I can still remember the first time I saw the video for "Thriller". I still think its a huge rip-off of

Alice Cooper's "Welcome to my Nightmare" But I still like the song.

It's the later Michael that I grew to hate and feel sorry for. After Thriller, he just turned weird and every crazy story seemed true. I hope that in death, he finds the peace that he could not find here on Earth.


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