Sunday, October 11, 2009

Soju, my dog, Died on October 11th, 2009 of an apparent heart attack.

I really didn't notice anything wrong with her earlier in the day. We both went for our morning walk and we had a nice time. She came back home and rested. I took her out for a small walk that she enjoyed and then we came back in and a few moments later she threw up a few more times.

I knew that Sol Pet vet was open on Sunday, so we walked their, she pooped and vomited some more. The vet saw her and did a test for any toxic stuff that Soju might have eaten. The Vet told me that Soju was going to get some anti vomit medicine and no food for the next 24 hours.

Soju, then laid down next to me and I told her, "Looks like I take care of you one more time." I petted her and then 2 seconds later, She turned over on her back, started shaking and whimpering. I Then yelled for the vet asap and when he saw he, he ran and started to pump her heart.

She was going very stiff and the vet for the next 20+ minutes kept pumping her heart. I kept my eye on her during the entire time. I was crying a lot during that time. I kept Looking at my dog, kept hopping but it just wasn't meant to be. Soju died.

I just started to cry and cry for awhile. I went and paid the vet bill. I went back to say goodbye to Soju.

I told her that thank you for coming into my life and that I guess that God got a child that needed a big puppy and he came to take you home. I hope that when I get to heaven that you're there waiting for me.

Me and the vet talked for a few minutes and I thanked him for trying his best and I am sorry that this happened today. (I saw this man give me his best and I saw the pain in his eyes)I told him, I didn't know Soju's past but for the last 5+months Soju had someone that loved her and that spoiled her a lot.

I told him that a lot of the girls just loved Soju. I Called her a SAP (Spoiled Ass Princess)I told him about when I had to go back to the office on day 2 of me owning her and that she was so happy to see me. I looked back at Soju and said "Good-bye my puppy-wuppy and left.

The vet thinks that one of the young heart worms got into Soju's heart and that it killed her. What was very unusual that all of the other dogs at the vet all sat down. It was like they knew that a dog had died.

As I was typing this blog post Annie, who helped me get her from the Asan Animal shelter, texted me. I called her and we both cried over losing Soju today.

This place seems so empty without her here, but I know that she isn't in anymore pain.

Goodbye Soju, I loved you and you loved me. We both took care of each other.

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