Thursday, December 17, 2009

Film Review- Avatar

A few things you need to know about the film before I review it. I saw it at CGV in 3D. The cost was 13,000 Won and I did not read any other reviews before I saw the film.

I knew that the film was full of hype and that the film had received some great reviews. I went in to the film with an open mind. After seeing the film, I felt like I had seen nothing new and I felt like I had just seen "Dances with Wolves set in Outer Space" The sad thing is that I loved "Dances with Wolves", this "Avatar" just left me feeling very flat, I didn't feel that I wasted my 3 hours watching this film but I also felt that there will not be a second viewing of this film for me.

So where did the film go wrong for me? In a nutshell, I felt like I was watching a PS3 video game that was being shown at the movie theater. None of the film seemed real to me. In 3D, the graphics so overwhelmed the actors that it was looking more like a ps3 game and less like a movie.

I really didn't have any compassion for either side in this engagement. When the war started, I really wasn't cheering for either side. I kept looking for a reset button to see if the film could get any better and sad to say, to me, the film never did.

I felt that the main actors brought nothing to the film and that the graphic enhanced aliens reminded me of Uber tree hugers or the noble Indians from "Dance with Wolves" If their was a main idea of this film, I never saw it. The film leaves the door wide open for anymore sequels that 20th Century Fox Studios might want to make. The is worth one viewing anymore that that and you will be wasting your time and money.

Grade C-

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