Monday, December 19, 2011

Movie Reviews- Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol, The Sitter, Sherlock Homes 2 and Alvin and the Chipmunks 3.

Well, the first film on the review list is the one that I wanted to see the most and it was not because of the actor, it was because this was the first live action film for the director, Brad Bird. (If the name sounds familiar, he is known for his work in Pixar films, The Incredibles and Ratatouille. I wanted to see if he could try and make the film at least watchable after the total mess of the last film in this series and I must confess that, I actually liked this film.

The idea of the film was simple enough about the destruction of the Kremlin and its aftermath and how the team was set up. The rest of the film is how the team tries to clear their name and get things right in the world.

I was lucky and got to see this film in the IMAX format and this film really needs to be seen in the format to be able to show you all of the tricks that this film will have in it. The film was an action film that the audience and me really seemed to like and after the film was over, the audience left happy and they really seemed to enjoy it.

The film needs to be seen spoiler-free and I have made this review that way. The one thing I will say about it was that I did like the Pixar nod to A113 in the film and I was laughing when I heard it.

Please see the film in the IMAX format if you can at CGV in Korea.
Grade B+

The Sitter
Now, if you are looking for an adult comedy then this one should do the trick when or if it ever plays in South Korea.

The idea of this film is a simple one, Noah Griffith (Jonah Hill) has dropped out of college and has become a stay at home son with no future. His mom has a chance at a date with a nice Dr and he decides that his mom needs a night out and he will be the baby sitter at the last minute.

The film then introduces you to the 3 children that become the center of the film. Slater, the pill popping child who is at the state of uber over-medication, Blithe, no-nonsense wild child, who has seen one too many shows of “The Kardashians” and wants to go to the hottest clubs and wear the most expensive make up but knows what is going on around her. The last child’s name is Rodrigo, who is a pyromaniac exchange student who likes to destroy bathrooms. The rest of the film is his night of babysitting these 3 kids and what happens when his frigid girl friend want to have sex tonight while he is babysitting these children.

The film will offer nothing new and you will have seen of many of the plots in this film before and that could make a lot of viewers turn off on this film. If you want a simple film that you will laugh at then please see the film. If you are looking for anything else then you might want to give this film a pass.
Grade C –

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Now, I had no real feel for the film before I went into the theater and afterwards I still wasn’t sure of the film. I could see a good film here but with a lot of the mistakes made in the film, I started to notice the errors and quit watching the plot of the film.

If you know the back story then this film is very simple, it’s Holmes against his main rival Professor James Moriarty. For a modern look, think Batman vs. Joker.

The idea of the film is simple enough it’s the 1890’s and Moriarty wants to let Europe start a war, as long as he can supply both sides with the weapons of war and Holmes wants to try and stop him. Now what you see is a nice game of cat and mouse between the 2 foes in this film and if you just focus on that, I think you’re going to really like this film. My fault is that I was catching a lot of the small errors made in the film and it started to bother me. In the past reviews when this has happened then, I really haven’t enjoyed the film that much.

The film is a good film that could have been great if they had kept a better pace and eliminated all of the mistakes. Either you are going to like this film or really hate it and try and see it spoiler free like I have tried to do in this film.
Grade B-
Alvin and the Chipmunks [3]: Chipwrecked

Now, I knew that I was the wrong person to see this film, I had seen the other 2 and decided, oh heck, it can’t be that bad..I was was much worse than the other 2 put together.

I knew that when I hated the Scrat carton in front of the film that this could be a bad time watching a movie. The film just started out lame and it just kept getting worse with every bad remake or attempt at humor being based of past songs or films. The “Cast Away” plot was old after the first 10 seconds but to see it for 80+ minutes was way too much for the majority of the audience I went to see it with.

After the film was over I saw a few kids tell their parents not to take them to any more Alvin films and if this was their core audience then this maybe the film that kills this franchise for a few years.

Please pass on this film at all cost, even if your child tries to drag you to this..Do not see this film.

Grade F

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