Thursday, November 24, 2011

Film Reviews: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1, Happy Feet 2 (3D), The Muppets

Well, the big film for the week was the new "Twilight" and I was all ready to write a review, in which, I hated the film. Only thing was that I actually liked the film.

For those who have followed this site, you have read of my utter disgust of the first 3 films in this series and I went into this film with no real high hopes in this film.
But, in this case, the film wasn't that actually surprised me and I think I know why.

In the first 3 films we have seen the choice between Team Edward and Team Jacob and in this film there wasn't that conflict. The choice was made and there wasn't any of the teen drama or any of the whining that the 3 films seemed to have in an abundance.

If you have read the books then you know this story and I could not believe it when the film was over that I had actually liked it. It had a good story, good plot and one heck of a cliffhanger. Now wait 2 minutes into the credits and you see the little extra scene that will blend very nicely into the next one.

Now there are some moments of this film in which, the male audience groaned out loud and we couldn't believe what was being shown at my theater was 75% female and 25% male. After the film was over the majority of the females that I heard talking about the film wanted to see it again, while the majority of the males that I heard speak wanted never to see this film again.

The female audience will love this film and want to see it more than one. The male audience will want to pass on this film at all cost. If you're a fan of the books then beware,they left a lot out of this and I have no idea if it will be included in a future special edition of this film.

Grade: B

Happy Feet 2

Now if you remember the my first review of the first film you might remember that I really liked the first one and I so wanted to like this one, but after the film was over, the film was missing something...A heart.

In the first film we saw a great love story between Mumbles' parents Memphis and Norma Jean and after I watched this film, that when I realized why i didn't like this one as much, the mail love story wasn't there and no explanation was given why they weren't in this one.

Now if you are looking for comedy in this one then please watch all of the scenes with Will (Brad Pitt) and Bill (Matt Damon). They voice 2 krill's in the film that venture outside of their swarm. The majority of the audience laughed when these two were featured in the film.

I also liked the songs that were used in this film and so did the majority of the audience Is aw the film with. The children really liked the film in the 3D but it wasn't really worth the extra cost of the film.

I should have really liked this film, The story was about the climate change and how it is hurting the penguins. The film had some great songs and some great comedy but it was missing the heart and that is why the film failed for me.

The film was released with a Looney Tunes short called 'I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat.' The majority of the audience seemed to like this short than they did the film that followed it.

If you have little ones, they will love this film. For the rest, you might want to pass on this one.

Grade: C-

The Muppets (2011)

Now if you are a fan of "The Flight of the Conchords" a lot of the original songs in this film have that "vibe" and it is because Bret McKenzie was the film's music supervisor. I liked the original songs because they just were different and not like a normal films' music. The Chris Cooper Rap was the hit of the film.

As a child I was a huge fan of the tv's "The Muppet Show" and I was hoping to see some of the same magic in this film. The film is great in parts but all together it just wasn't that bad of a film but it wasn't that great of a film. It just left me flat and I was definitely in the minority at the showing I went to.

The little kids seemed to love the music and the majority of the parents seemed to like the film. I heard a few comment that they loved them back then and now, they could share this with there children.

The film plot was simple and in the end were are shown 2 love stories and maybe a part 2 is in the future. The children seemed to love the Ms. Piggy and Kermit plot line the best.

After the film was over, all of the little children had smiles on their faces and the parents were happy that the kids enjoyed it. The film was preceded by a short "Toy Story" cartoon and it was a great short cartoon.

Overall the film will be a huge hit with the children but may leave the adults a little flat

Grade: B-

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Movie Reviews: Immortals Jack and Jill

Have you ever had one of those feelings that when you walk into a movie theater that you are going to see a crap film but you can't take your eyes off of it? Welcome to these 2 films that I watched back to back.

I kept seeing the previews of this film called Immortals and it just looked so bad and I couldn't believe that people were saying that this was going to be a great film. I never believed the hype and after the film was over I could not believe that the 3D in this film was that bad and that the 3D in Harold and Kumar was so much better. They sold this as a 300 type of film and after it was over, I couldn't believe that this was a huge miss of a film.

This film fails for the basic reasons, bad acting, bad plot and such an open ended finale of the film that I just left the film with total disgust for everyone involved in this turkey of a film.

Please pass on this film at all cost

Grade: F-

Jack and Jill

Now I have no idea if this film will be a total flop or a huge hit in South Korea due to the main actor wearing female clothing. As we have seen on Korean TV and Movies, the more popular comedians dress in ladies clothing and the Korean audience seem to love it.

The idea of this film is simple enough, Adam Sandler plays both the role of twins Jack and Jill. The main plot is Jack has to try and hire Al Pacino for a Dunkin Doughnuts commercial or his company could go bankrupt. Now Al hates Jack but falls in love with Jill and then they film begins.

What really surprised me about the audience of this film was that every child who was under the age of 13 was laughing at this film and that the majority of the audience that was over 13 left this film with a look that they had wasted their money with this film. When the final payoff of this film was over the kids were laughing and the adults really couldn't believe what they had just seen.

I usually like Adam Sandler's film because they make me laugh. In this film, I didn't laugh much and really felt that this film was ill acted and not written very well for a comedy.

If you have kids then take them to see this film. If you don't, wait until it comes on Catch On or Catch On +, this way you won't have wasted your money on this sub-par comedy.


Monday, November 07, 2011

Movie Reviews: Puss in Boots, Tower Heist & Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas.

Well I really didn't know what to think about this single film of the "Shrek" series about Puss in Boots. The previews kinda left me with a flat taste in my mouth and after watching this film, the flat taste did not leave me.

To me, they tried to set this film up as a stand alone prequel to the Shrek series and that's where the film lost me. Whatever magic Shrek, Donkey and Puss had in the original films never came across in this film. We are shown Puss's childhood but with all of the new characters, it just never really felt right. We are shown his story but never given a real reason why we should care about him.

The film is great for kids with seeing the film for one time only, after that, I really can not see any reason a child would want to see it again for a 2nd time and as for this parent, I really never want to see this film, purchase or rent it ever again. It just left a very bad taste in my mouth. Please pass on this film at all cost and see it in 2d if you're dragged to it by your children.

Puss in Boots Grade: D-

Tower Heist

Now on this one, the previews had made me laugh and I was wondering will this be a bad version of the "Ocean 11" series or would it come across as its own stand alone film. After watching this film, I really wouldn't mind seeing a part 2 to this story.

This film shouldn't work with the partnership of Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller but these 2 actually convinced me and the audience that I saw the film with that they could actually pull off this revenge film.

the plot is simple here, Ben Stiller plays an apartment manager who has invested his employees 401k money with A respected man firm but soon finds out that all of the $ has disappeared via a Ponzi scam. He soon recruits a cast to see if they can get the $ back to the wronged employees.

The film then turns into a very smart cat and mouse film in which you think you know whats going on but the twist were well played and very believable. The audience I saw the film with was really into it and when the film was over, the majority left with smiles on there faces.

This film could have failed and some people will think its a bad copy of the heist films of the past but I liked it because the film never insulted my intelligence and made me cheer for the bad guys.

Please see the film when you get the chance.

Tower Heist Grade: B+

Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas

Now I have no idea if this film will ever be shown in South Korea due to the use of marijuana and other various drug usage all over this film, but if they do then this is a film that you should watch without the kids.

One of the things that I liked about this film was the use of classic Christmas songs into this drug world fantasy and as for me and the audience, this really produced some heavy laughter. Now mix in the 3D twist and you really begin to see some strange and very different looks at life in to 2010's.

Now hopefully, you will have some thick skin when you see this film because it takes pot shorts at a lot of different people and believes. When you see some of it, the audience instead of complaining was laughing at it even louder.

As a critic, there are certain films that I like and this series has been one. I really can not explain why but these 2 main actors have great chemistry together and when the drugs get mixed in, it just works for me.

If you're a fan of this series then you will love this film. If you haven't seen the first 2 films yet, then some of these jokes in the film you will miss out on. I should have really hated this film due to the blatant use of illegal drugs but by the end of this film, I wanted to see it again and I definitely want to see a part 4 to this story.

Just please be ready to laugh and to be offended by this film and you should have a nice viewing of it and please see it in the 3D format. The jokes work so much better because of it. I am leaving this film spoiler free because you really have to see this film without it to enjoy the simple nods to the past films and the laughs that you're about to see in this film.

Please see it, if it ever play in Korea.

Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas Grade: A-

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Well another update from my battle against cancer.

I have started to take a chemo pill called Xeloda. The US doctor found me a foundation that will pay for this cancer meds. Its about 4,000 cost per 2 week treatment. So far no side effects and after my last chemo debacle, this is nice.

Well a few more things to add. I am on food stamps now for 200.00 per month and it looks like for now 400+ a month for disability and still waiting for the ssi to kick in. I also have a VA appointment set for 22nd of November, I will see what they can do for the fight against cancer. my next dr appointment is set for the 18th.

Now ssi have covered me for medicare, so that is a huge help. I have to wait on the card to arrive in the mail and then go and take care of all of the medical bills so far in the USA.

I have really enjoyed talking with my family and seeing a few old acquaintances.

I helped pass out some candy on Halloween night at my brothers house and I had a great time doing it. This year I didn't scare anyone.

so far all is ok and I am feeling ok. I am still not used to the colonoscopy bag but hopefully it will get better after time.

take care and I really miss working in South Korea.