Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The final cut

sorry forgot to ad one thing about sunday.

I was in the Seoul station wanting to take a train from Seoul to Daejeon.

I have been here in Korea for 5 months now so I am used to the ROK soldiers on leave for the weekend, but this weekend I was noticing a little difference. All of the mothers that I saw were holding on to their soldiers a little tighter and I saw girlfriend holding on to their loved ones a little tighter than i had seen in the past weeks. I sure saw alot more tears this weekend that I have seen in a long time.

maybe some good will come out of Pvt. Kims stupidity, I saw alot of loved loved showing it in Seoul on Sunday.

Like I have stated earlier I am an ex-US Army Military Policeman, I did 7 years and then I received and honorable discharge. I have lost people that I have know due to their Army service. When anything like this happens I always remember those who are longer here with us. The real pain of it is this, I am getting older, those faces still stay the same, still the same young men who will forever be with me.

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