Sunday, June 19, 2005

Wow My first day of this bog and a sad news story to comment about.

A South Korea soldier threw a grenade at his commander and then opened fire on his fellow soldiers near the DMZ killing, at this time, 8 and injuring 2. Kim Dong-min,22, told military investigator that he threw a grenade into an Army barracks, packed with sleeping soldiers, out of anger when he saw a senior soldier who had often yelled at him.

5 soldiers were killed in the explosions and 3 more were killed when Kim was able to take a rifle from a soldier and opened fire with appx 40 rounds. According to the South Korean Yonhap news agency.

CNN and yahoo have reported that Kim was molested by one of the men that he killed. If this is true then why wasn't anything done when the molesting took place?

I am an English teacher here in Korea and I have had about 50% of my male students at my former school tell me that they do not want to complete their ROK Military obligation at all. If this is true for the general population I wonder what kind of Army the ROK will have in 10 years

It will have to be an all volunteer army and that will increase the budget because of the cost to maintain and support a volunteer force. Will South Korea support that and I wonder what happens to a society when their young refused to join their army? History tells that the country or empire will collapse.

Just my ideals on today's events.

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