Sunday, August 07, 2005

Today has been a very quiet day today, im doing my report today from a pc room here in Korea due to the fact that my pc at home has a connection issue.

Todays news

Janet Jackson incident has happened in Korea. 2 member drop their pants.

Musicians accused of indecent exposure on a television music program admitted Thursday that they knew the program was airing live and that the dropping of their pants during the show was planned, going back on their initial statement. A police official from Seoul Yongdungpo Police Station said in a briefing that the two male musicians of the local punk band Couch, aged 20 and 27, admitted to most of the charges.

In their testimony, they said they knew the MBC show ``Music Camp’’ was a live telecast and their plan to expose their private parts on television was done ``for fun.’’ However, they also said it was not meant to be a protest against the broadcaster, the official added. The incident took place last Saturday during the performance of the punk band RUX, who invited the two musicians to dance on stage with them. Their genitalia were shown on TV for about four seconds.

The musicians told the police they met with Won Chong-hee, lead vocalist of RUX, a day before the airing of the show and made their plans. Prior to yesterday, the musicians had insisted that their decision was spontaneous and that they were not aware that the show was a live telecast. The police also found that the two members of Couch previously dropped their pants during their own club performances in July and August. The police will formally charge the two musicians of Couch for putting on an obscene performance and for obstructing the work of a television network. Won, who did not drop his pants, will also be charged for the obstruction.

Looks like these 2 people from the band, "Couch" have seen the film "The Full Monty".

"Show me the Money"

Looks like my favorite psycho Uncle, is at it again. Still my freinds wonder why I voted for Bush.

The latest from the 6 Country Talks..

North Korea Tries to Hold US in Check

SEOUL, BEIJING _ A late-night press conference held by Kim Kye-gwan, chief Pyongyang delegate to the six-party nuclear talks, was designed to hold his U.S. counterpart in check, a North Korea expert in Seoul said on Friday.
``Kim wanted to counter the strong voice of Christopher Hill,'' Paik Hak-soon, director of the Sejong Institute's North Korean Studies, told The Korea Times. ``He might have felt the need to let the press know the story from the viewpoint of the North.'' In a brief meeting with the press in front of the North Korean Embassy in Beijing at 10:30 p.m. Thursday, Kim bluntly told around 100 reporters that ``only one country'' is opposing Pyongyang's right to have nuclear programs for peaceful purposes.

``We favor the denuclearization (of the Korean Peninsula), but we also want to have the right to peaceful nuclear activities,'' he said. ``As you know, only one country is opposing that.'' Paik said North Korea, which has long had an image as a ``madman'' in the international community, might also have felt the need to underline its ``fair complaint'' through the counter-explanation that the U.S. is rejecting its ``justifiable'' demands. ``Does it make sense if our country, not a war loser nor a criminal country, should be denied peaceful nuclear activities?'' Kim said at the press meeting.

Regarding the six-party process, Hill tells reporters the U.S. position on a daily basis. But Kim rarely speaks to the press even though a throng of reporters always wait in front of the North's mission in the Chinese capital. Another North Korea expert in Seoul, who declined to be named, said that he thinks Pyongyang is dragging its feet to make the U.S. abandon the talks first. `North Korea is not in a position where it can be the first one to drop the ball because its godfather, China, is hosting these talks,'' he said. ``So, Kim is trying to drive Hill nuts. But such a tactic will not likely work because Hill is a veteran negotiator.''

Early in the morning on Friday, Hill once again told reporters that he is determined to see the end of the talks, which resumed after a 13-month hiatus and stretched into their 12th day on Saturday. `I didn't come here for 12 days to walk away from this thing lightly,'' Hill said. ``We would really like to see if we can have an agreement. But it's got to be an agreement that's consistent with our interests.'' Very fortunate is the fact that North Korea also wants to find a solution in the fourth round of the six-party talks because its delegates are still staying in Beijing. In the past, the Pyongyang delegation used to go home after an abrupt press meeting.

I just love it, Bush has told the Crazy Uncle from the North, you lied to us last time and this time unless you first de-nuclear and other things no cash.
The North wants to leave , but Godfather, China, is hosting the metings and can not walk away first.


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