Monday, August 29, 2005

Hello and Im back now to doing this blog alot more now that the computer is back and in operation, still can't get Itunes to load up but if thats the biggest problem then all is well.

Well the weekend was a nice one. Friday I went to a party that my other american teacher threw and it was nice, hot dogs, hamburgers, jello shots and beer. The party ended early when the land lord complained about our noise. We broke up and went to another frinds house where I finally went home at 330 am.

Saturday was ok, Finally saw "Sympathy for Mr. Vengence" on the big screen and it was great. Went to Osan and got a few dvds and came home.

Sunday went to Seoul and hung out with a friend of mine, we had a nice quiet time.

looks like a all you can drink party for 20,000w on Friday, my drinking has sure increased since I have been back in Korea, I need to slow down on that and very soon.

Need to cal home this weekend, I havent done it in a while.

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