Sunday, October 23, 2005

This is from a party that I went to on 10/21/05. It was Troys Birthday. He is a foreign teacher who lives near me in Daejeon. Troy turned 25 on Friday. He is from Australia and works at a school near where I live. He has a fiance named Alwyn. She also works with Troy at his school.

We all met up and caught a cab to Outback and Troy, Derrick and myself were talking about Derrick's 25th birthday and he had his in Korea also, I then realized in 1991 I was 25 and I celebrated mine in Waegwan South Korea. All 3 of us celebrating our 25th in Korea at all diffent times. (A WEIRD BUT TRUE STORY FROM THAT NIGHT)

Now he was telling us what was from Australia and what wasn't from Australia at Outbacks. It is an american chain that plays like it an aussie restaurant. I told our waiter that Troy was 25 and they brough him and me funny hats to wear. I look like an older version of Harry Potter. We had a great time and then we went to the Cool Bar and I retired at 0100 hrs in the morning. I Quoted Dave Chappell at the party, "Drink and be Merry. I's Rick James, Enjoy yourself Bitch, its a celebration.

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