Saturday, October 22, 2005

welcome to "ICE CREAM AND CITY" here in Korea. (I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP)

We have a tv channel here in korea called on style and alot of people think its "the Channel" "Sex and the City" is popular here in Korea and its played alot on this channel. Baskin Robbins Korea, got this crazy idea that we should incoporate the theme into our commercials. Here in Korea I have seen the commercial with Drew Barrymore as an "Sex in the City Girl" who loves here ice cream. There is even a flavor named "Drew Barrymores best flavor" The ex past here laugh at the commercials because she wasn't even on the tv show.

When I want Ice cream I do say baskin Robbins anymore its... lets go to Ice Cream and City..

Like I have always said the truth will be stranger than any fiction that I could possibly create.

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