Monday, January 23, 2006

Well Saturday was fun, It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

Well it started out as a great day, I took the bosses son and his friend to see another English film, we saw Narnia. They liked it and we had a great time.

I got a call that my friends variety show was going to start, so I went back home and met them all downstairs. We walked to the building where it was going to be presented.

I was looking at all of these outfits and I was LOL. It just looked liked a very bad hair day, some of these outfits were just soooooooo. funny.

I sat and watched all 2.25 hours of this torture, they are my friends and you just know when to shut up and watch a huge train wreck in progress. It was soooooo awful. It reminded me of a Simpson show where the principal puts out a card that sated you can not leave when your child is done. The parents seemed to love it. I was sooooooo glad that it was over. I scene got to me, it was when the fathers were dancing with their daughters and I started to cry. I was missing the fact that I may never get to do that with my own daughter.

I helped them pack up their items, hey I can carry a lot. We went back to their school and it was time for dinner. The things started to take a turn for the worse.

One of the foreign teachers at their school, will not eat meat, why I have no idea, but that's her thing. At first all they had for her was cold noodles and she got angry ( to be honest I really cant blame her on this one, If its the first time O.K. error but this was like the 4-5th time) and I saw that she was getting ticked off.
Earlier we had talked about going to the cool bar to see a live band, So I was talking about that and rating each Korean teacher at their school, Hey I am a single guy and guys do these stupid things.

Me and the other male teacher who works their, were talking about movies, music, food, girls, rating the girl teachers (the things most guys talk about) I had also mentioned that I now have Brokeback Mountain, the gay cowboy movie, on DVD and that was a running joke for the rest of the night.

After dinner I was going home when their owner, grabbed me and said lets go drinking, I looked at my watch and it was still early, so why not.... Thinking back I wish that I had just went home or just gone straight to the cool bar.

I am being very diplomatic here but I WILL SAY THIS, I know when to cross a line and when never to cross a line, their owner crossed a huge line, a I thought that I was going to have to break up a huge fight, The owner did something that I would never even think about doing. I asked the foreign guy are you cooled down? (I know this is not making scenes but it involved his soon to be wife and their owner and it could have had gotten very ugly and fast) It got tense for a few moments, that pretty much killed that party. We left and on the way home one of the little girls stated, I walking with "..... Mommy and Santa." (She was one of the students who I played Santa for that day.) I was just so cute that I was laughing.

I never got a call so I had no idea if they went to see the live band but when I saw another's persons blog, it looked liked it had gotten worse their. To be honest, I really don't go to the bars here in Daejeon much anymore, Their is a sportsbar that shows NFL games so I go to that one, but for the rest, it just seems to me to be too much bull shit and way too much drama. Their is a small gathering on Tuesday that I do near my house and its great but after that I really don not like the bull shit that these clubs or stupid people seem to create.

I have had a few people hate me and they do not even know me, I told them that I am a GOP person in Politics and they hate me and they do not even know me, AND THEY WONDER WHY I THINK THEIR PARTY IS A JOKE? I have no problem if you know me and you do not like me, that is a part of life, but to hate me and you do not know me is funny. I have met a few Canadians here, some cool ones and some who just hate the USA, Once again no worries, you can hate on me that way all you want but then when you want something the hate of me goes away. My co-worker told me a story about a few of her friends from England, they made a bet if they met anyone from Canada, the first thing they would say is that they are so much better than the USA, Well they did and it happened just as they said that it would.

No for those who think that I hate Canadians, I don't, I just hate those who dump on the USA and haven't a clue in their head what they are talking about. I am from Texas, USA. So I really did not follow Canada that much in College or after, I was more worried about the problems from Mexico, so I always watched down south then up north.

What I really find annoying is those who want to debate me on my Pro-War stance and they never even did a day of military service for their own country. How in the hell can we even have a common frame if you haven't walked where I have walked? I can not understand them because I haven't walked in their paths either.

that's why I pretty much avoids the clubs downtown, I usually go to the movies and watch a Korean or an US film. I like my drama to be left on the movie screens.

Of all of the people here I feel the most sorry for is my awesome co-worker, Stephanie Shimko. She is from Pittsburgh PA (We are going to watch her team clinch a spot on the Super Bowl after work at the sports bar tonight). I can only think of when she heard that a fellow American is coming to DAEJEON, to teach with her, hopefully he is a liberal just like me, What does she end up with...ME!!!!

Right Wing- Pro War anti- Democratic Party to the max. We do get along, we do have our bumps in the road but when you have 2 people with opposite views this will happen, to be quite honest I am so glad that I am working with her, she even got me reading "The Economist" now. I like the magazine, I do not like the Anti-Bush BS but the world views are well written.

On Tuesdays, I go to A place called the "Beer Hunter" from 2100-2400 hrs it is half price on Beer. We have a small glass (woman glass for 1000 won) or the man beer (1 LTR for 2000 won) I have met people from Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium and other places in the world, its a small club and I like it their.

This was a rather long update, just wanted to keep you all abrest with the pro's and caon's of my little spot in the world.

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