Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas 2006.

It was a nice time today. I saw a few movies and I am watching, "It's A Wonderful Life." I tried to call the kids today and the phone # did not work. I have no idea if they got the Christmas boxes. I hope that they did and I hope that they realize that their daddy loves them both very much.

I had Xmas dinner 23rd December at "The Brickhouse" and I ate allot of Turkey, I know big surprise.

We had dinner on the 24th @ T.G.I.F with Dan, Greer, Trey, Megan and a few others. We also went to Santa Claus Bar and OMG did we drink allot. I did about 5 shots of Tequila, and I felt it this morning.

I went to the movies today. It's Christmas and its a couples day so I kept to myself, I hope that my friends here in Korea has a great day today.

Enjoy the Cartoons for today.

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