Wednesday, February 21, 2007

well this is an update on what has been going on so far...

it has ben so nice to see my family. I have seen that my nephew, Steven, will be getting married in a few weeks and I am so hapy for him. His future wife is a wonderful young lady and I wish them both the best.

I have definately been watching a few movies since I have been here. The prices are alot higher that in CGV in Korea. It has been worth it.

I am suprised about my 2 year old niece, she has taken to me and the family states that she does not do alot of that. She has been such a joy to be around. I got to play uncle mike, and spoil my bothers 2 sons, I enjoed the time that we have spent together so far.

I am a little sad that my time back in the USA wil be at an end soon, but its time to get back to teaching and to Woosong University.

I have really enjoyed watching the tv shows live and not having to download them via bit torrent.

I have really enjoyed my vacation so far. I got to see "Letters from Iwo Jima" and "Notes From A Scandal" on the big screen and it was great.

I have had a few meals at Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, Ihop, and a few others. It looks like Panchos has gone out of business. I have had CiCi's pizza a few times and very much enjoyed it.

I will be going to Denton tommorrow to met some of my friends down there and picking up a few UNT T-shirts. I will also try and pick up a few more souviners.

One of my freinds wants to teach in Africa or Europe. I hope that she mkes the right choice.

C u all soon.

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