Monday, April 09, 2007

As allot of you know, I am a Teacher at a University here in Korea. This semester, I am teaching students from Pakistan, China and Korea.

I try and stay tuned to what going on around my students so if anything major happens, I can be ready to deal with it. Something happened last week and then 2 friends of mine had post and it sure got me thinking.

First, lets talk about the incident. On Tuesdays, I teach a 3 hour English class from 0900-1200. These students are going to be chiefs around the world, (I really need to start telling them what my favorite food is). I stopped when I saw a student wearing something in class. This one male student, was wearing a Japanese jacket with the flag of Japan on it and the words, " I love Tokyo."

I asked him why was he wearing that jacket? I had felt that the class was uneasy and I had no idea why, until I saw the jacket. I then asked the class, do you like Japan or hate Japan and why? well the answers did not surprise me at all.

It was a unammious statement that they hated Japan and no one liked his jacket at all. I told him that if the jacket was making allot of his friends mad, he might not want to wear it. I then asked him, if I should get a jacket like that made for my size and wear it in class. The class reaction was, "No teacher!"

I also stated that , as your teacher, I would never wear that jacket in class, because it would show disrespect to my students. I explained to the class that If I wear that and you have told me that you do not like that, that would I not be insulting my students? I said that i would wear an American logo on my hat because I am from the USA and that, hopefully, it would not make my students upset.

They have seen me wear the Hanwha Eagles (Daejeon's baseball team) hat and I told them that its a Korean hat and that, fan of other baseball teams could complain, its a KBO hat and no one would really complain about it.

The main reason that the kids hated Japan was the "Comfort" Issue had raised it head recently and my students were very upset by it.

So you can imagine my surprise when 2 people, whose opinion I value and respect, came up with these 2 article, it sure make me look and think about the recent talk that I had had with my students.

Comfort Women

Koreans Responsible?

and then when a person from Japan, whose opinion I respect, posted this..

Japan's Response

I was wondering what, the truth, actually was and if the truth actually came out would anyone really listen to it.

It did make we wonder about the future of my students. It sure made me wonder.....

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