Monday, April 09, 2007

last 2 weeks not much has really happened...

2 weeks ago I went to dinner with some friends of mine, when another friend showed up. me and him have met in very different places in Korea, so I was surprised but not surprised. We had dinner and then later went out and had a good night. Then the Saturday and Sunday just stayed in Daejeon and did some work and had a nice weekend.

This weekend was nice also (ON FRIDAY), it was opening day for the Daejeon Eagles (Korean Baseball 2007) it was great, me, bart, richard and todd all sat together and drank and just acted a fool, the free beer cart did not help matters at all. We watched the game and drank. The game ended in a tie in the 12th inning. It looks like if the game is still a tie after so many innings, the game ends that way. I had never seen a tie baseball game before, so it was a shock.

On Saturday I went to a friends place and watched the baseball game and then we went to eat at a place called KBENS. He makes BBQ just like he used to in his rest. in Washington D.C. I like the food and the environment is nice.

Then I got a call asking me about working on Sunday, It was a legal job through Woosong, so I said sure. I am saving $$ to get the ps3 in a few months. Thats why I also agreed to do more overtime for the college in the next 2 weeks, that $$$ goes to the ps3 fund. Still no idea where to go for a week in June, I was thinking the Philippines but still not sure.

So on Sunday, I worked from 1-5, I had lunch at Outback and dinner at TGIF'S. It was Easter Sunday and I will go to my old church in Yong-in city next weekend to see whats going on.

For this week, I have to get the mid-terms ready to go, they are typed up, I just have to get hem copied and ready to go. Easter was quiet, still no word from California so no news to add.

I hope that everybody has a nice Easter and to remember the reason that Easter is celebrated.

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