Friday, May 04, 2007

Am I a Rock Star?

I know that is a funny comment but let me tell you why I made the above comment.

A few weeks ago, I was offered some extra overtime and I took it. For 1 week I taught an English Class at the Daejeon girls middle school.

Well you can imagine what happened, here comes me 1.93 meters and the girls just stare at me like, oh s^&%, this dude is tall.

All the time I was teaching I had little girls just come up to me and start giggling and laughing, so I went into princess mode and treated them like royalty, the laughter just ensured. It was interesting to listen to these girls talk about, they hate wearing school uniforms and that they hated to all have very short hair. (in some schools your hair is cut to be uniformity). Over all is was a very nice time that I spent getting stared at.

Now for what has happened a few times already here in Daejeon.

I go to the baseball games here in Daejeon. So when I get a call and I am at the game, no one is really surprised. What I have done a few times is dance like a complete fool while I have been at the game and a few times I have been shown on MBC-ESPN or SBS TV. My Students have even commented on seeing their teacher on TV. Yesterday I went to see TMNT at the CGV and While I was waiting for the show to start, One Korean lady just stopped and looked at me and said Hanwha Eagles? I said yes and she and her friends smiled. They remembered me being shown on the big screen dancing like a fool. The last game I went to a few people waved and said, "Hello dancing man." What else I have noticed is that they are very polite fans, so when I yell at the UMP for making a bad call you can really hear my loud voice, I have even had a few people repeat the exact words that I have used. I'm even cheered for yelling at the ump.

So am I a rock star?

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