Monday, May 07, 2007

There were these 2 Englishmen and an American.

Somewhere there has to be a great joke here, I just have not figured it out yet.

Well on Saturday May 5th I went to see the F.C. Daejeon Citizens play the F.C. Seoul in a K-League Soccer match at Daejeon World Cup Stadium. The subway is now open so it was an 1100 won ride to the pitch. It's Line 1 Subway #119 exit #7.

The first photo is of the WC Stadium here in Daejeon, its known because back in 2002, this is where Korea upset Italy in the WC match.

The second is one of the Englishmen that I met at the match. It sure was interesting watching it with them.

The 3rd is the words Daejeon. Hey, I thought that it looked nice.

well the game ended 0-0 tie, but i had fun.... enjoy the video..


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