Thursday, July 19, 2007

Update on me and Korea.

Well it has been an interesting month so far in Korea.

Lets start with my former co-teacher Steph. She will be working in Dubai as a teacher. I hope that she has a good time there. As usual with Steph. Her last few days we not boring.

We went to a nice farewell party at a nice diner near her place and the sirloin was great. we then went to Dusan Dong (New Downtown) and had a nice night of partying, (I drank way too much cherry soju.) Then Monday something really funny happened, she needed to mail a few boxes and she could not get a taxi, so I brought a taxi to her. Then she had to mail the box.

the first one was easy with no problems, it was the second one that caused me to LOL. She mailed a suitcase home but it was too big for the post office and they would not mail it. She threw a Korea Wine Hissy fit, just like a Korean LADY and I was LOL alot. finally the Korean Postal guard showed up, fixed the problem in 1 minute and the package was reboxed and mailed. It was just too funny to listen to her whine.

I wish her well and hope she finds what she is looking for.

Last week Me, Dan, Greer and 2 of there friends went to Seoul to see HP5 at the IMAX. It was a so so film, but Greer liked it. In a few months I will try and get a ticket purchased for their wedding on Feb 23, 2008.

Also, Troy and Arwyln have announced their engagement, no date yet. I do wish them the best also.

Now for news that did not surprise me at all. If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you all know of my total hatred of one Hogwon, OEDAE. Well I warned Trey that they would screw him over and guess what, they did. No pension and they made him move with one month left in his contract and they shorted him over 1000$ on his last paycheck. My old school now has a new female and I have told her all of the horror stories. She knows and will be on the watch.

Now for my job, I had a week vacation that turned into 3. What happened was that one of my classes canceled so for 2 weeks I had no classes. I did some paperwork this week for the school but thats been it. Next week it kids and back to the grind but I have enjoyed the little summer break.

I finally ordered the PS3 esp when the price dropped 100$. I should have it sometime next month.

I am still doing the movie reviews for the Busan web, Socius and I have also started writing a few for the twitch site.

Now believe it or not but by next monday I should be done with my families xmas gifts. Still no word from Sean or Claudia in California so I will wait and see what happens. I have to go and pick it all up this weekend.

Thats all for now, just an update what's going on with me in Korea.

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