Thursday, July 26, 2007

You know, once in a while, I actually do something right. It makes for a good teaching moment.

This week at Woosong, we have had a Government sponsored camp for a weeks with students from Onchon (sp?). I have been teaching the middle school 3 kids. Well today was one of the students 16th birthday (Victoria's). We has recently talked about how special the "Sweet 16" birthday was for USA girls and I Was going to try my best to make Victoria's birthday a nice one.....

It worked better than even I could have hoped for.

I went to Costco and was trying to pick the right cake, and I could not believe it when I found A cake that had some red roses on it and it had written "Happy Birthday" on it. I knew that I had found my cake! I also had picked up a copy of Harry Potter 7, and I had made each student a pdf file with all 7 HP's and all 4 LOTR's. I then went back to Woosong and hid the cake and no one saw it!

I then took role and started walking around class, very worried, I said, What am I forgetting today? Finally some one said, ITS Victoria birthday... I said, "Oh right," then I walked out side and picked up the cake and gave it to her....

She started to cry. I really shocked her! then I went to get the plates and silverware to eat the cake... I then said, "You know I forgot SOMETHING" I went back and gave her a black bag and I told her to open it up. Her friend was yelling, "Harry Potter!" Victoria had never seen a US copy of HP and now she has one. The class was cheering when we sang Happy Birthday and her eyes were really tearing up when she got the book.

The students loved the cake and the cd and the birthday party. I know I made her 16th birthday a very happy one.

Like I said, every now and then I actually do something right......

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