Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy 11th Birthday Claudia. (My Daughter)

Happy Birthday my little angel. I have no idea where you are or how to contact you on 9-22-07. I am writing this down, so, maybe, one day, you will find this letter and know that I was thinking of you today.

I know that you think that I have forgotten all about you, but I have not. I have always prayed for you, and your brother Sean, that, one day, we will be reunited again. I miss you 2 so much. Its like a huge hole in my heart and nothing can fill that hole.

I am always wondering, how are you doing? Have you had your first boyfriend yet, what do you like, hate and everything. The last time I saw you was in Dec 1999, I have thought of you 2 every day since. I hope that one day you will read this and realize that your father loves you very much.

Happy 11th Birthday, My Daughter.

Signed Daddy.

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