Wednesday, February 03, 2010

From Brain in Jeollanam-do

Anti-English Spectrum head to LA Times: "It's not stalking, it's following,"

I saw this on Extra! Korea a second ago, and wanted to pass along the profile the Los Angeles Times did today on Anti-English Spectrum and its leader, Yie Eun-woong. An excerpt from John M. Glionna's piece:
Sometimes, in his off hours, Yie Eun-woong does a bit of investigative work.

He uses the Internet and other means to track personal data and home addresses of foreign English teachers across South Korea.

Then he follows them, often for weeks at a time, staking out their apartments, taking notes on their contacts and habits.

He wants to know whether they're doing drugs or molesting children.

Yie, a slender 40-year-old who owns a temporary employment agency, says he is only attempting to weed out troublemakers who have no business teaching students in South Korea, or anywhere else.

The volunteer manager of a controversial group known as the Anti-English Spectrum, Yie investigates complaints by South Korean parents, often teaming up with authorities, and turns over information from his efforts for possible prosecution.

Outraged teachers groups call Yie an instigator and a stalker.

Yie waves off the criticism. "It's not stalking, it's following," he said. "There's no law against that."

The Times was good enough to include a photo of Yie, so we can pick the stalker follower out of a crowd:

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