Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A few ago I said that their are good weeks and bad weeks for seeing movies here in Korea. Also, once again, this week is not a good one for the movies. This week we have The Fourth Kind, Couples Retreat, The Lovely Bones and maybe Milk

The first film we have this week is "The Fourth Kind"

I have no idea why, who or any reasoning for this film. The film's trailer states that the story is based on "actual case studies," but did not specify any cases.The film claims to faithfully portray actual alien abduction events that took place in the year 2000.

All I saw was a huge mess of a film and when it was over, I couldn't see any reason for anyone to ever see this film.

Please pass on this film.

Grade F

The next film is "Couples Retreat"

As I earlier wrote about this film, "Couples Retreat leaves viewers stranded in an arid, mirthless and humorless comedy. I really tried to laugh at this film. It just wasn’t funny."

With the stars in the film, I should have really enjoyed it. It was a comedy that I just could not laugh at. There were showing of this film in which on a Saturday night , not one ticket was sold. That should all that one needs to know about this film.

Grade F.

The 3rd film this week is "The Lovely Bones"

As I stated earlier abut this film, "This should have been Peter Jackson return to small movies. Instead we are given a film that is hard to follow and has not done well at the box office. The film is rumored to have cost between 65-100 million $ and after seeing the film, I have no idea where the money went, because it sure did not go into the film."

Many critics have blamed the failure of this film squarely on Peter Jackson. I went into this film expecting another Heavenly Creatures, instead I get a film that, I had not read the book, but even I could tell that a lot was missing from this film. It just felt like a bad greatest hits album.

Please pass on this film.

Grade F

There is one (maybe) this this week and that is the film Milk

This film has been delayed 3 times already for its' South Korea run and I have no idea where this film will play. Cine 21 has this film opening on 25th February.

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