Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Rangers Win the AL. The Giants win the World Series and I am OK with it.

As a life long Yankees fan, I was sad when they lost to the Rangers in the ALCS but I wasn't that upset. Now if they had lost to the stoopid Red Socks' nation, well that's another story in itself.

I have seen my Yankees win and sad to say lose World Series' in my lifetime. My father and Grandfather never got to see the Rangers win the AL or even play in a World Series. I was thinking a lot of these 2 men, who helped shape me into me and I was wishing that they were here with me so we could share this moment together.

I would lave loved to call them both when the Rangers won the AL title and taking the kidding but just to hear their happy voices over saying "The Rangers are going to the World Series" or just to hear "Hello Win Column" by Mark Holtz one last time.

"When the Rangers won their first postseason series in franchise history on October 12, 2010 against the Tampa Bay Rays, Rangers radio broadcaster Eric Nadel after calling the final out, exclaimed "Hello Win Column!", the first time Nadel said the phrase since Mark's passing."

When my father was dying of the agent orange cancer,watching the Texas Rangers on TV, took away his pain for a while. I hope that he is in Heaven really enjoying this year of the Rangers.

1310 the ticket The Bad Radio team (Bod and DAN) always ends the Rangers season by playing the song hurt. Well they played about 20 seconds of it and then they played this song with Ranger highlights of the season and if its ever uploaded on you-tube I'll link it to this article. It was awesome and well done. You can download it as a podcast on itunes.

Texas Rangers fans I hope you enjoyed this season.

Now when i saw the Steve Perry videos at the Giants game, these were awesome and he was cheering on his team and the crowed loved it. It really shows in these videos. I do hope that one day he can sing again.

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