Friday, October 15, 2010

John Wurth from the Jeollanam-do’s jangheung county has passed along some information to me about a fundraising for the upcoming holidays for the Jangheung Area Children’s Center:

I work in JangHeung Eup, part of JangHeung County in Jeollanamdo. In my spare time I volunteer at JangHeung Area Childrens Center. As part of our program we operate a group home for children. The children in our group home have lost one or both parents and do not have any family able to care for them.

I am doing a project for Christmas at the group home. Our goal is to raise 1,000,000w to provide Christmas presents for the kids. We have 6 kids- 4 boys and 2 girls. We want to give them something special. Our plan is to purchase a game system (playstation, xbox, whatever…) and some nice clothes for the kids.

Donations can be wired to a bank account set up with NongHyup Bank:

JangHeung TamJin Group Home (장흥탐진그룹홈)
Nonghyup Bank / 농협은행

More information can be found on the Jangheung Area Children’s Center (장흥지역아동센터) Korean-language homepage or the new English-language Facebook group.

For those interested it sounds like a worthwhile cause to check out.

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