Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Update on a lot of things.

Well as you know I have been in the hospital for the following dates 31 march to april 4, April 7 to April 30th and May 13th to today.

This whole thing started off as a very simple hernia repair surgery and now has evolved into a part of my colan being removed and the biopsy showing that the colan cancer has returned.

This lates development has resulted in friends of mine helping me to try and pay for this 3rd round of surgeries with different events listed here.

Hey y'all. Just updated Mike's bank info, and we have some ideas for movies to watch posted now, thanks Mike Peacock. 80s Night at Yellow Taxi in Dunsan-dong, June 11, 6-10 pm movies, 10pm until...drinks and totally awesome music!! I also just came back from visiting him and he is in great spirits, sends his best wishes, and asks for your prayers.Thanks, Dave H.


***If you can't make it but would like to donate:
Ever Rich (Post Office) Bank : 312-587-02-213-136
Sorry, tried to put his name here in Hangul and it didn't work. McStay Flynn Mike

What they are trting to do is to have a few differnt events to help me cover the cost of this last round of surgery. If you can not make it here in Korea and wish to contribute, please wire the money to my korean post office account.

Now for those who do not live in Korea but would like to send $.

The Korean banking laws are very strange for $ being wired to Korea and we are looking at many differnt options but for now this is the best that we could come up with. (WE ARE HOPING TO HAVE A CHANGE IN THIS WITHING A FEW DAYS BUT WITH THE LAWS HERE IN KOREA WE JUST ARENT QUITE SURE RIGHT NOW)

I have asked a freind of mine Jessica Johnson to allow people outside of Korea to be able to Western Union her $. She has an F Visa and for those who know the law it might make it a lot easier for the $$ to get here in Korea.

I am asking that you wire whatever you can 20$, 50$, 100$ anything and everything will be very helpful and appreciated. Jessicas Address is 196-5 Jayang Dong Dong-Gu Daejeon Korea 300-100.

please either email me the mtcn @ mikemcstay15@yahoo.com or facebook message me the mtcn and $$ and I will send it to her.

I am appologizing for the high WU wire fees, we are looking for better ideas.

Thank you for all of your help and god bless you all my friends...

Flynn Michael McStay

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