Monday, May 02, 2011

Well I am now out of the hospital.

Lest just say April 2011 will go down s probably one of the worse months I have ever had. For 30 of the days in that month I was in the hospital for 28 of them.

The hernia surgery went ok it was the aftermath of it when all hell broke loose.

I had the surgery April 1 and was released on 4 April and then the 5-6 something started to go very wrong and when I went back to the hospital for a check up on the 7th something really was going wrong.

I had to have on 2 separate occasions a tube inserted into my nose to get a lot of the acid out of my stomach and I really had a lot in me the 2nd time. I had the tube in me for about 1 week. It was hard to sleep and I really couldn't walk around at any real speed.

I'm out of the hospital now but very cautious for the next 2 weeks with what I will be eating and needing to go walking. I plan to go back on the 13th and get some x rays just to be sure that I am doing ok.

I have no real desire ever to go back and spend a night at the hospital.

Thank you for all of your prayers and comments on facebook. They sure did help.

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