Friday, June 24, 2011

How Much Will the Mavericks Victory Parade Through Downtown Cost Mark Cuban?

Photo by Mike Mezeul
This just in from Dallas City Hall: One week after last week's Dallas Mavericks victory parade rolled from the Dallas Convention Center to the American Airlines Center, the city's done totaled up the receipts and is ready to submit an invoice to Mark Cuban, who said he's happy to pay for the whole shebang.

So, let's see: 540 officers will run you $270,715. Exactly 132 Fire-Rescue workers (firefighters and paramedics) totals up to $54,002. Add in clean-up at 'round $2,300 and $13,000 to use the convention center and other city services (including Office of Emergency Management, the Public Information Office and City Attorney's Office, among others) ... and that'll run you right at $340,947, sir. Why, a regular bargain. Assistant City Manager Ryan Evans's memo to council follows. (Update at 5:29 p.m.: Cuban tells Randy Galloway, "I got off cheap.") Mavs Parade Memo

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