Monday, April 16, 2012

BIFF 2011…..Film Review: The Raid: Redemption

One of the things that I really dislike about the American film audience is that the majority of their film viewing audience has, in the past, refused to see a film that isn’t in English or requires a film to have subtitles.

As I have stated in the past in prior reviews I was once in this group but it took one great film “7 Samurai” to change my opinion about that.

If you are the kind that refuses to watch any non-English film, then you will miss one heck of a film here in this one. The other film festivals that have shown this film have reported that this was a huge crowd pleaser and that the audiences have given it more than 10 minutes of applause after it was over.

Due to my health issues, I was unable to attend the Busan International Film Festival last year and this was the one film that I wanted to see and this was the one film that I recommended for the film festival viewer to see and after watching it, I made the right call.

Now remember, this film is in Indonesian and in Korea it will have Korean subtitles, so you may want to wait for a DVD copy or try and see where they will have English Subtitles.

The idea of this film is a very simple one, 20 Indonesian special police are sent to a drug lord’s main headquarters to try and arrest him but with each floor the job becomes more dangerous. This idea has been used before in more than a few straight to DVD films in the past but this one was different because unlike the prior versions of this one, there wasn’t much filler.

You have about a 3-4 minute set up in this film and then it’s, “Let the bodies hit the floor” and the game is on. I saw this with a small audience and they were really into this film and I soon realized that this film was different; it was giving you and entire look at this raid and why it was going down the way it was. When the usual twist happens in this type of film, I can say that I sure didn’t see that one coming.

I really haven’t given too many spoilers on this film because it needs to be seen without any but I will say this about it, this film has an action sequence that compares to “Oldboy” and it was that good. Please see this film when you get the chance and there will be a part 2 of this film and I wanted to see that as soon as this film was over. I also want this film in my Blu-Ray collection ASAP!!!

Grade A+

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