Monday, April 16, 2012

Film Review: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen & American Reunion

Now I saw these 2 films back to back so one could say that I had a very interesting day at the movies but I can say that I liked both of these but for very different reasons.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Now I hadn’t heard much about this film until I saw the preview and for some reason it just looked interesting to me. The idea was an interesting one also. What if someone had the idea to put salmon into the Yemen and let them live in a manmade river?

The rest of the film is about the fish and the people that are needed to make this idea either work or fail. The film is really hindered by a few love stories that are intertwined that really slowed the pace of this interesting idea and the film rally didn’t need the love stories to be considered a good film.

The film is worth at least one viewing and I think that you’ll enjoy watching with someone special. Please see it when you get the chance.

Grade: B

American Reunion

Now I have no idea why I have liked the last 3 films in this series and I really didn’t have much hope of anything happening funny in this film that wasn’t show in the movie trailers for this film.

The only reason that I think that I have liked these films is that they have allowed these characters to try and grow up as we the movie viewer has also. Like the film we have loved, lost, gotten married, had a few children or just never really wanted to grow up. We see all of this in this film and that is what I think made this from a really bad idea into a film that is worth at least one viewing if it plays in Korea.

This film basically deals with the 13th reunion of the class of 1999 and we have seen these actors grow up and try and become adults. A few people in the audience after the film were having talks about how they dealt life their lives after high school and college and how they are dealing with the same problems that the actors faced in this role.

Once again, the film is stolen by Jim’s dad and every time he’s in this film, it just got funnier and funnier and please hang around a few moments after the credits begin to see how his part of this film ended. The audience was laughing a lot during that scene.

Please watch it when you can and I think that you’ll be glad that you did.

Grade: B

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