Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Movie Reviews: Ted, People Like Us, The Amazing Spider-Man, Ice Age 4


Now I had no idea what to expect when I actually sat down and decided to watch this film. The previews had just looked really insulting and made me feel like I could lose about 50+ I.Q. points after I watched this film. Something interesting happened after the film was over, I actually liked it and the audience that I saw this film with loved it.

The idea of the film was quite simple, a lonely little boy wants his teddy bear to be alive and some force grants him that wish and it is now 20+ years later and that teddy bear is still very active in this man’s life now.

Now if you are a fan of the 1980’s film “Flash Gordon” than the 2nd half of the films will really make a lot more scenes then if you have no idea about the film. I had and the little jokes really worked for me and it really took the humor to another level that neither the audience nor I were expecting.

Now if you’re a female and you think that this film will not work for you, then please remember that I saw this film with 5 ladies that were in their late 40’s and early 50’s and they were laughing louder and more than I was at this film.

 If you get the chance please see it, if it comes to a Korean theater near you.

Grade B+

People Like Us

Now, I really didn’t know about this film except that this film was somewhat based on a true story. But with film like this one is never sure what actually happened and what was made for this film. That is also about what I felt about the film. It was a nice film to watch and it left the audience somewhat happy when they left the theater but once you left the theater, I soon forget that I had even watched this film.

 If just really didn’t work for me. It’s a nice film but it just really brought nothing new to this type of film and it really felt like it was a TV-Lifetime movie on a bit of steroids. With a tad bit of better actors and a tad bit better story.

 If you like this type of story then please see the film when you can, but if you don’t like this type of film, then please pass on this one.

Grade D

The Amazing Spider-Man

 Have you ever just had a bad feeling about a film and then you go see it and your idea of the film gets confirmed.

If you a reader of this column, I selected this film as the #1 film not to see this summer and after seeing it, I sure can’t think of a reason that anyone should go and see it.

 As you know this is a relaunch of the recent Spiderman Trilogy that concluded a few years back. I thought that in this relaunch that they might try and do a few ideas differently but when I can watch the film and predict everything that was going to happen.

The film started to fail with me quick and fast. I soon started to look at my watch and kept hopping that this film would end very fast. I will also say this I was in the minority of this opinion at the audience for this film. I really hated it while the majority f the audience I went with love it and the 2 people that I went with to see this film with, loved it.

 If a relaunch offers nothing new, then why do it in the first place. It was just too easy to predict and I grew bored with it very fast. Please pass on this film.

Grade: D

 Ice Age 4. Continental Drift

Well this was a very simple film to watch and to review. If you’re a fan of the first 3 then you’ll like this film. If you have a child that likes these types of cartoon films, then they will love this film also. (The film comes with a Maggie Simpson carton that the audience just seemed to love).

The few kids that didn’t like this film hadn’t seen the first 3 but the majority of the audience loved this film and wanted a part 5 asap.

 The film is just a rehash of other parts of this story with a few new characters added to the film. But for some reason the film worked. We were told some of the back stories of a few of the characters and when Scrat was in the film, the children just laughed out louder.

 If you like kid’s films or you have kids to take this film to, and then you and they will have a good time watching this one.

Grade: B

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