Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cancer Update

Sad news is that it is the beginning of the end,the cancer has advanced and is now blocking my colon and causing some pain and my right kidney is about 8 percent working now due to long term blockage that wasn't caught when I was in Korea.
No one knows how much longer I have. I am in a new apartment and being treated by hospice, home nurses.. 

It started a few weeks ago when I ate some nuts, these really caused me a lot of pain the next day and I was driven to the VA Dallas ER and when the pet scan was completed, it was determined that I hate colon blockage and that my right kidney is almost non functional.

I spent about 2 weeks in the VA Hospital in Dallas and they told me a few things...

with this form of colon cancer, chemotherapy could actually make it worse and after my reaction to it in Korea, I am not doing anymore chemo.

they can not do anymore surgeries on me due to the fact that they cant cure the cancer at all and they fear that after all of the surgeries that I've had that this could actually make it all worse with more surgeries.

I have moved to my own apartment in Sherman so I can get hospice care and the nurses can take their time with me. I sure want a dog but with the illness that is no longer a viable option anymore.

I have told my church and they will keep praying for me and help when they can.

My spirit is high and the dr's commented that I am not negative with my feeling for this horrid cancer that I have.

I have tried to find my daughter online so I could tell her the news but I never could so I emailed her the story of what's going on.

Please keep me in your prayers and if anyone has an extra washing machine, I sure would like to have one at my new place.

Please remember...But I know Jesus and I talk to God And I remember this from when I was young
Faith, hope and love are some good things He gave us And the greatest is love

I am not angry with all that has come and all that will come.

Mike McStay


Mightie Mike's Mom said...

I am so grateful to have met you. I'm sure you and my Mike will have an awesome time together ~ he loves movies and playing all kinds of ballgames. Many blessings to you Mike McStay. I will always cherish my memories of you. May Peace and love surround you and you keep the light of life in your heart. Sunny hugs and love ~ Steph

viskoefreestyle said...

You're a true inspiration Mike! I'm sad for you, but amazed at how strong you are about it!

mizliz53 said...

Hi Mike, All my love to you. I already miss the hugs my big friend gives out! Thank you for being straight up with us. I know that is the way you live your life. You are a bag of so many talents: teaching, writing, laughing, learning.
Glad you have your own apartment and sounds like a washing machine is somewhere close by. Also glad to hear you have help coming in.
May you live as long as you need/want, and prosper!
liz bailey

mizliz53 said...

Hi Mike, It's been awhile since I got one of your fabulous hugs: definitely miss them, and you.
You've always been such a straight up guy with amazing talents hiding in, around and under: teaching, writing, listening and learning to name a few.
May you be surrounded with friends and know that we all send you love. (That sounds sooo formal!)
Hope the washing machine comes through.
Lots of love,
Liz Bailey
ps. don't use that gmail email address: I never do. Use the yahoo one. xoxoxox or facebook

mizliz53 said...

I'm signed in and I still can't leave a message. xoxoxo liz
all my love, Mike. miss your hugs over here!