Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Well it was a nice weekend here in Korea. Friday it was the all you can drink 20,000 won and had a nice time with fellow teachers.

Saturday was awesome. I went to the CGV and watched a movie. I saw a sign that stated baseball was going to be played at 1830 on 3 Sept. I got a taxi and went to the stadium. I asked for the best seat and it cost me 10,000 won (10$) and I was like.. Holly Cow.

My seat was behind the catcher, I was sitting next to the scouts from the Hyundia Unicorns. I now realize why people in USA love these seats. It was a very nice game. (Daejeon won 4-1)

Sunday I just traveled around Seoul and Osan, it was a nice weekend.

Monday was an US holiday but since I'm here in Korea IT WAS WORK AS USUAL. I have the 19th off, its Korean Thanksgiving, no plans just stay at home and enjoy the rest.

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Chelsea-Anne said...

Yay for fun weekends!