Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I love listening to the radio via internet.

Quincy Carter called the 1310 ticket, A Dallas Texas radio station,and asked to come clean about his release from Dallas and the NFL, the shows host "The Hardline" agreed to let him make his statment and Quincy said that they could ask him any question that they wanted. He made his statment and said nothing then Quincy refused to answer basic questions and he is the one who called "The Ticket" first, this was classic radio. Quincy refused to answer basic yes or no questions, he was asked, "Did you take marijuania while you were a Dallas Cowboy"? he refused to answer the question he claimed that it was a violation of the NFL rules. "He stated that he wasn't disganosed Bi-polar and that he wasn't in re-hab during his last season in the NFL with the Jets."

He kept answering question with, there is no proof that I did this or that. I kept listening to this and I'm thinking, he called and is saying nothing but opening up alot more by his actions. They asked the race question about his treating fair in Dallas, He said yes and claimed that he fell when he took his eyes of God. After the interview was over. The crew asked, What the hell was that all about?"

It was one of those moments when you are listening and it was like, what the hell was this all about. I know that Quincy is not playing foootball at this time and to be honest after listening to this, I am not sure he ever will. One question was, "If you are signed by an NFL team will you have to serve a four game suspension for past drug violations?" He refused to answer the question and when he attempted to answer he said nothing. It was surreal.

The next live commercial spot was for tool and equipment purchases, they said that these tools could be used to break down the last interview segement, it was very clear that this was very weird, even for these 2. I have been listning to "The Hardline" for years now and this will be one of the moments in the show I will bring up when I talk about strange moments on the radio.

For those who do not know me, I am A Washington Redskins fan of the American version of Football, the NFL. When weird radio comes about It is a pleasure to listen to it. Esp when I think my least favorite team in the NFL (Dallas Cowboys) are going to get exposed, it could be classic radio.

The cast tells that Quincy called on November 7, 2005 1715 CST and that he wants to call and talk to the station and that he wanted to break some news on the station, Quincy thought that he could give his mission statment and that no hard questions would be asked. It sounded like he said, their is no proof that I am Bi-Polar, and no proof that I took cocaine, He didn't shoot straight and stated that after he made the statment, that, "The Hardline" could ask him any question. These 2 are straight shooters and ask the hard questions. When Quincy refused to answer the questions it make him look more guilty. Quincy stated that he had to ask his attorney first before he could agree to come on. He is the one who made the call first. It was wild.

The callers were blasting on Quincy, (One of the host had a drug problem that required him to go to Detox he had admitted it and told his viewers about it) Greg Williams stated this and then asked Quincy about his alleged drug problems. Quincy refused. Greg and the callers went off on Quincy because of this.

It was a very intresting momnet to listen to on radio. I wonder what the after action will be due to all of this.

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Mike said...

Well as a follow up, they have been getting critized alot for their honest questions. I listened to the interview live via the internet and I thought ut was a dead on question asking. I guess some people just can not handle the hard questions. Great job "Hardline"! Keep up the good work.