Thursday, November 03, 2005

Just an update.

for the last month I have also been working as a movie critic here in Korea.

I was aked to do this by a person that I like and respect here in Korea. I have been honest in my reviews and I do this volunteer with zero pay.

What is released in Korea and in the USA has been weird, Open Range was released here, last week, jim Carrey's Spotless mind will be released next week here. Harry Potter on Dec.1.. The pirates are making a killing here because of these slow release dates.

Please leave comments (pro or anti) if you read the reviews.


jroberts said...

I would love to know how much money is acually lost because of the pirates. Spotless Mind was released in 2004. I'll be sure and start checking your reviews...

Mike said...

Sir I honestly wish I could tell you that number. The only number that I have heard domes from Hollywood. These are the same people that say a cheep film "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" lost 40+ million and that "Forrest Gump" lost alot of $$ for Paramount. (IT MADE OVER 300 million at the box office)

Wish I had an exact $ but to be honest, I am not sure one actually exist.