Monday, February 13, 2006

Disappointments of 2005.

13. Blue Swallow. Korean Film (청연 - 靑燕 (Cheong-yeon))

This film goes to show that huge film train wrecks also happen in Korea. South Korea Box Office: 482,962 admissions after 1 month of release. The film had a huge budget but it had one major problem, it was about Korea’s time as a Japanese Colony and the public thought that it was Pro-Japanese and it died a very quick death at the box office.

12. Typhoon - 태풍 (Tae-poong)
This film had the biggest release ever for a Korean film, it went head to head with King Kong and it lost to the big ape. The film lost money also. In Korea the film drew a lot of hype by focusing on the divided Korea peninsula. It’s 15 million $ cost was the most expensive Korean film ever made but it needed to draw 6.2 million moviegoers to turn a profit and as of today’s writing it has drawn under 4.2 million. Movie Critics stated that one of the main flaws of the film was its overdependence on computer graphics.

11. North Country. A film based on a true story….I really hates these words and I really was very disappointed in the film. A lot of lies and it was hard to find the truth in the film. I still can not believe that Charlize Theron received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress for this piece of junk.

10. Hide and Seek

I like Robert De Niro’s acting so I was looking forward to seeing him in another scary role. I just wish that this was not it. The film had 2 different endings and was just a mess of cutting and of the final edit of the film. A sad movie role for a great actor.

9. The Legend of Zorro

Like I said in my review of this film, who in the heck did the historical fact checking in this film? Way too many errors in this movie killed this franchise, the film did O.K. in foreign box office numbers but lost a lot of $ in the USA.

8. XXX2

Lets make another XXX and not include Vin Diesel and just maybe we can make a huge hit. Well nice idea but once again a sequel without the major star proved costly at the box office. Maybe what could have been we will never know, XXX3 direct to video?

7. The Dukes of Hazard

Now this was a very simple film, keep the cost low, show southern humor and have a very fast car. What we got was a very bad imitation of cussing and fart jokes. For fans of the show, this was very sad to watch and I will avoid the #2 film of this. A very promising franchise shot to hell with fart jokes.

6. Elektra

Once again, another comic book adaptation. The film had Jennifer Garner and no Ben Affleck (sad to say I do like his acting) and all of the promise of a strong female super hero were wasted in a movie that to this day I really can not explain. It just made no logic at all and was a huge bomb hopefully never to be seen again.

5. Flightplan

Jodie Foster has always been one of my favorite actresses. I went to see “The Silence of the Lamb” because she was in it. I was so looking forward to her first film in a few years and if you read my review of this on the site, you will se my disappointment in this film. The plot and the story were just so sad for me to watch and to see one of my favorite actresses in it was just too much.

4. Red Eye

I was so looking forward to this because of Rachel McAdams and when I saw this film I was the only one in the theater, this should have been my first clue. Oh what could have been, a viable terrorist, a somewhat believable plot and then I saw it and I was wondering why oh good grief why did they ruin this film. It was just too sad to watch and when it was over I wanted my $ back.

3. Hostage

I really do like Bruce Willis acting but with every great acting role you get in a year (Sin City) you get this piece of junk to counter balance it. I saw it still can not believe that I actually paid $ to see it and when it was over, I was so not looking forward to “Sin City” because of this. Why Bruce Why, was this film made?

2. Memoirs of a Geisha

Oh what really could have been in this film? If you see my review you will see that they spoke English in 1930-40’s in Japan and with bad miss-casting and a bad job of editing, when I heard that this was coming out I thought for sure, “This will be nominated for Best Picture.” Afterward I was so mad that they blew it, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” proved that the US audience will see a great film with subtitles. Maybe the small success of “Kung Fu Hustle” in the USA has an effect on this but this should have never been shot in English and the film never recovered from that huge mistake.

Now for the #1 disappointment of the year and it should not be a surprise for anyone who knows me.

1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

What in the heck was the director Mike Newell thinking when he agreed to this. Harry Potter is at Part 4 of a 7 part epic. “Lord of the Rings” proved that the audience will sit through 3 to 3.5 hours for a great film. When I saw the film I had not read the book and even I could tell that something was missing. After I read the book, I was upset by this junk of a film. No Dobby, no house elves, no Mrs. Molly Weasley and one heck of a confusing ending. I could not believe it. The film should have been done in 2 parts; a lot of material for the next 2 films was missing from this one and could cause huge plot gaps to come. A huge mistake and hopefully a directors cut will fix this disaster.

Next is WTF... were they thinking when they green litted this film.

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