Monday, February 13, 2006

Now For the Worst film of 2005.

11. Tie “Aeon Flux” and “Venom”

Both films were inspired by cartoons and video games, and should be avoided at all cost, the plots are silly and there stories are just as bad with no plot and no real reason.

10. Doom

Once again a film based on a popular video game, and a plot that was so bad that I could not believe that anybody actually wrote this and worse would want to watch this, I have heard that there is an Unrated version of this on DVD but I will pass on ever watching it, a real bomb that should have never been released.

9. Stealth

When an US Military films ends up on this list, you know it must have been bad. This film showed no real plot, no real story, and every cliché in the book (the black man dies first, the troubled girl, the confused young lovers) I just wanted to run away after I saw this film and try to erase it from my memory. Please do not see this film, no one can afford to lose the I.Q. points this action will cost by viewing this.

8. Kingdom of Heaven.

On the “Ain’t it Cool” web site one of the writers blast Fox’s cuts in the film and ask why this film was destroyed. He has stated that he hopes for a directors cut of this film. I can only hope so. As a history major, I view these types of films to see how many errors and can I enjoy it. This film was just so sad and I did not believe anything in this film. The real leper prince died before any of this timeline actually happened. The story, the plot, Orlando Bloom’s bad acting in this. I hope the D.C. fixes the errors that Fox made.

7. The Island

Once again, bad story, no real believable plot, the chemistry between the main stars was not there, I did not believe anything that I saw and it was a huge waste of time and a huge flop for DreamWorks in the USA. I still have no idea why they made this film.

6. King’s Ransom

The idea was so-so at best and when you see the very bad acting and the plot just get worse and worse and side stories that just do not click. You get the mess of this film. It was sad to watch all of the young stars in this film just totally being wasted. Please miss this film at all cost.

5. The Fog.

To this day I still have no idea why the film was given the green light to be made. The film is currently #95 on the bottom 100 from IMDB. This film was a remake of the 1980 John Carpenter film and should have never been retold. From bad plot, to terrible miss- casting, this film was a bad idea from the start and only seeing it made the bad idea become a lot worse.

4. Blood Rayne

Once again a movie based off a very popular video game and what a mess this film was. As of today’s writing this film is #21 on the bottom 100 from IMDB. I kept thinking that sooner or later this film has to get better, sad to say it never did. It looked liked Underworld and you see vampires and nudity and tight leather in the film. It should have never been made and hopefully no one else will see it.

3. Tie

“The Honeymooner’s” and “The Son of the Mask”

To remake films lately has shown to be insane to try and remake a classic TV show as, “The Honeymooner’s” was just a bad idea that was an insult to the original cast and crew. As of today’s writing this film is #9 on the bottom 100 from IMDB. A huge disaster of a film and also a very sad film to watch. If you loved the original, this will make you very angry.

“The Son of the Mask”

To create a #2 film and not have the original star of , “The Mask”, Jim Carrey, was a huge train wreck just waiting to happen and what a mess this film was, no real plot, no real story and the special effects, that were needed to make this film work, fail at every step. As of today’s writing this film is #13 on the bottom 100 from IMDB. If you remake a Jim Carrey film and he hi not in it please do not remake or have a sequel.

2. Into the Mix

Maybe they thought, Usher, could just show up, look cute and maybe cover up what a huge mess this film was, well it failed very badly. As of today’s writing this film is #4 on the bottom 100 from IMDB, and that is saying a lot right there. The film was tying to make itself into an urban Soprano’s but ends up as a story that I just could not believe, please real simple idea, cute boy, good story, low budget, you will make money on the film. If not, you get this mess that should be never viewed by any civilized nation.

And the #1 prize for worst film of the year goes to……..

1. War of the Worlds.

To this day I have no idea why Steven Spielberg shot this film in the way that he did. I saw no real story except Tom Cruise was running away. The sub plots involving Tim Robbins, were a huge mistake and the films ending was just so bad that it rightfully deserves its place as the 1 worst film of the year.

the next part deals with films that were total surprises and I was so glad to have seen them.

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