Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Enjoy yourself its a celebration!

Well saturday we had a little party, The red soxs fan link on this website had her birthday. Her big idea was a Konglish shirt night. now for those who have no idea what that is just look above and you will read a shirt that in basic english makes no scense what so ever. Greer, the one on the left, is engaged to a nam named dan so when I saw the shirt I just dies laughing. Then A friend of Nicholes comes in and wears a blue version of the same shirt, I asked Dan, Is it hard out here for a pimp? We laughed about it. I always joke with Dan, will he ever play the lottery. He always states nope that he won the biggest lottery in his life when Greer fell in love with him.

You will see me wearing an ESPN logo shirt and Dans states bananas actual sizes from all over the world. It was given to him from Troy and Arwyn when they went to Siam. The shirt was a huge hit.

The first photo, is me, Nichole and her friend Mario. She has told me that I am Marios twin, we both love the Yankees and we are both GOP and we both hate the red soxs and both think that Nichole is awesome. So me and him hit it off very good. It was nice to meet a fellow Yankees and GOP person.

We had a nice party, we all got along and we had a great time.

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