Monday, March 06, 2006

Well, in an earlier post, I talked about Tuesday nights here in Korea. There is a club called the "Beer Hunter" A few of the local foreigners hang out. The beer is half price. There are 2 options, "A girl Beer" which is the small container for 1000 won and "Man Beer" which is a huge container and this cost is 2000 won.

We gather, we talk, we laugh about what we have seen here in Korea.

From left to right... back row. Damien (Canada) Me. (USA) Dan and Greer (New Zeland) Nichole (USA)

Front Row..Left to right... Troy and Alwyn (Australia) Ben (USA) Kendra and James (Canada)

I must be honest, this gathering has helped me in my stay here in Korea. We are all here for different reasons and I am glad to be sharing the same time line with these insane fools from all over the world.

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Alex said...

Sounds fun.