Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Well this is a personal Update, I havent done one in a while.

The school is ok. We have added another Korean Teacher and he is a male. I am so glad to have another guy there besides me.

We had a welcome to Work party for him on thursday. The boss lady kept buying beer and I kept drinking it. we had dinner at a place called the "BERKLEY." I actually like it. The food is aways good and its very close to where I live so it was all good. Then we went dancing and oh man did I dance like a fool. I was so glad that I do not have to go to work until 1430 the next day. Then I had Nicholes Birthday party on Saturday. I was a hurting pup.

We have wend 3-15 off, so I am going to go to Seoul and see if I can get a ticket for the IMAX film "V for Vendeta." they are also soon going to be playing the NASCAR 3-D film. I so want to se it again and see it in Korea. I wonder is they have any idea about NASCAR.

Next month I start Job hunting for June 2006. I will keep everybody up to date.

My washington Redskins have signed a few players so far in free agency. We have added, Adam Archuleta, Brandon Lloyd, Antwaan Randle El and Christian Fauria. I hope for a nice draft but with no #1 nor a #3. Looks like on draft day I do nada.

Still no g.f, I know whats new. Tommorrow is white day here in Korea. Its a day when the boys give the girls candy, so I have alot of candy to give to all of my students tommorrow. Just no luck with the ladies. Sad but it happens.

I have thought about doing another blog to go with my socius film reviews. Nothing yet, I am just kicking an idea in my head.

So far this year I have been watching, "The Shield" "24" "Lost" Everybody Hates Chris" "How I Met Your Mother" and starting tommorrow, "Sopranios"

I must sat 24 and the shield have been outstanding this season. Sad to say I cheer for the bad guy in the shield and the good guy in 24.

Spring training is on and the World baseball classic has the us vs Korea tommorrow, should be an intresting day.

Well this is an update on me so far. will tell more later.

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