Monday, November 27, 2006

Well a general update blog.

I have not written much in the last few days due to me being sick, I feel better so this will be an interesting update.

First, yes I am going back to Texas for 1 month between 3 Feb and 1 march 2007. I will try and go to California to see the kids, if the ex will let me, if not I will go to El Paso, to see the parents graves.

Well we had T-day here once again and once again I went to the USO Club in Seoul and had a very delicious dinner. The day before, Stephanie had a T-DAY party at her house, I brought the rotisserie chickens from Costco. We had mashed potatoes and other things. The Canadians there had never celebrated the American holiday before so it was a fun day.

On Trey's blog, he did the woe is me, I am away from home for the holidays blog. I left a comment on his but he deleted it. I told him to quit whining because it will does more harm than good and that if he wanted a holiday dinner he could have had asked me and I would have had taken him to the USO with me.

I also stated that Steph had a party and that he should try and have his own with his friends. I also told him that we are not back in Texas and that, from a man who has missed too darn many holidays due to being stationed all over the place, he should just make himself one very different Korean t-day with his friends and have fun.

Guess he did not like the comment! Sorry, but I have no patience for those who whine and do noting to alleviate the problem at hand. I had 2 great dinners on Wend and Thursday and would always love some more.

I just about have all of the xmas gifts mailed out, one box looks like it will be late but I can mail that one with express here in Korea and it will take 1 week.

next week I will have to go back to Seoul and finish up the paperwork for the airplane ride back home. They need a copy of my passport.

Next week are finals for my students and I hope that they are ready for their final exam. I have 3 of them on one day, Tuesday Dec. 5th 1 will be on Monday December 4th and my last one (the 2 different projects) will be spread over Wend the 6th and Friday the 8th.

I will miss seeing most of my students. I have been lucky, I have some really good kids.

Looks like I might be playing Santa, again this year. Once again, if I do, photos will follow. Hey I'm tall and big. The look on the Korean faces last year when I was walking in Song Chon Dong with me yelling "Merry Christmas" was priceless.

Now for some sad news, a few people have had to leave Korea because of family problems back home. One girl left because her mom was dying, she made it back in time to say goodbye before her mom died. The other young lady was Nichole's replacement and she has a family crisis and she had to return home. I hope that everything works out for them both.

Thats about it for now, please remember its the Christmas season and lets try and be better people this years end. Please remember if you can not find any Chirstmas cards, try the E cards.

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