Sunday, November 12, 2006

Well It slowly getting towards xmas here in Korea.

A few updates, after 3 years of hearing nothing, my ex has made contact and I know something more about my 2 kids. I am trying to decide what to get my son for Xmas, what he likes as toys, they do not sell in Korea so I will try and email the ex and see what else he likes.

I have the daughters gift allready and I hope that she likes it.

I am going to try and go home for 4 weeks in Feb to March. I will call home later if they allow me to have the 4 weeks off at a time. I will try and see my kids, if possible. So I will keep you updated on that.

Ben has returned to work one more year in Korea, He was telling me that people did not belive that we ate dog a few months ago. Hey its true and the photos are posted on this blog.

I still havent written my frist article for twitch yet, I am wating to do the review of I'm A Cyborg and Thats OK, So it looks like that will be the first one that I do for the site.

I am still doing the movie reviews for socius, so as always, check them out. I still need to see 4 more films and write up one that I have allready seen. Thats the funny thing about Korea, the film come in Waves, here, some weeks alot of english films and some weeks nada.

Saw the preview for Spiderman 3 and wow it looked good. Next year should be intresting for films with the next chapters of Shrek, Spiderman and Harry Potter ready to go. I so wish that CGV would make an IMAX here in Daejeon.

Now for some sad news, they interviewed the president of YUM Brands (They own KFC PIZZA HUT AND Taco Bell) They are talking of expanding more into Korea but Taco Bell will not be comming back anytime soon to Korea. (in the mid 90's they tried but it did not work out.) Yum please, I want a taco bell here in Korea that is not on the military base.

Well to say I was sad about the elections would be a lie, Our enemies cheered at the result of the elections, this is never a good thing. I wonder what the Democrats response will be to terrorism, give them a hug, or burry their heads in the sand and claim that nothing is wrong and that appeasment is great, like the video I posted on the Dredge report commercial. It should be intresting to see.

I got to see the Reskins game vs Dallas and to be honest I still can not believe that we won that game. It was a good game and so much for TERELL OWENS, Man I can not believe a man with all of that tallent is such a cancer.

Sad to report that Daejeon lost in the Korean world series finals 4 games to 1

the ticket cost me 25,000 won, but hey, it was the championship! for all of the 5 playoff games I saw live the total cost was less than 100$ try that for the MLB Baseball playoffs in the USA. I had a ball watching and cheering for the Eagles, I even have a baseball cap that I am wearing of them, my students love it.

speaking of the university, I have my sophmores final doing a real world senario tied in with their text books. One class is going to try and update the Korean ebay into english and their ideas for that.

in my 40 student engineering class i have divided them into 2 projects.

Wend test will make me a Sears store in Korea. (I know that they is not a store here, but I wanted the student to research online)

Fridays test wanted to make me a new city hall for Daejeon. The results should be intresting next month, and I will post some of their efforts online.

Well thats all of now,say prayers for the soldiers in the US Military that are doing their best.

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