Tuesday, November 28, 2006

For those who do not know, I attended The University of North Texas and obtained my teaching degree. I have mine in History and maybe one day, I would like to teach high school history. But as for now I am happy at Woosong University.

When I started an UNT, it was a small Division 1 Football team that played in the Big West Conference. The next year the Big West abolished their football ties and UNT was left to join the Sun Belt Conference, where they still play as of now.

I had usually followed The University of Texas as my College football team but I had no real ties to them. I knew a few of the players and coaches who had gone to the school, but that was about it.

This changed for me on Oct. 2001 when I went and saw 0-5 UNT beat 5-0 Middle Tennessee State 24-21 at Fouts Field in Denton Texas (Where UNT plays their home games at). The students, me included, stormed the field after the game and we tore down a goalpost and carried it to Fry street (Where the college bars are at) and had a great night of drinking.

Later on that year, UNT had to beat Idaho ,at their home, to clinch the Conference title and get to go to a college bowl game for the first time in 50+ years. I went to the main college bar and we all watched the game on Fox Sports Southwest. When UNT won the game 50-27, we went nuts and yelled and jumped up and down and someone went streaking outside the bar (No it was not me)It felt like, OK, we are finally on a big stage and maybe just maybe this school will have turned a corner. They lost the game but hey, they got to go to a bowl game.

The next year I went to all of the home games and watched and cheered and they won all of the SB conference games and played The University of Cincinnati in a bowl game, Once again I went to the main college bar and we watched, (at this time I was living in the dorms, so it was a small walk to the bars on Frey Street) I watched and cheered and went insane when the final score was, UNT 25 U of C 19. The whole Fry street erupted and we partied until the bars closed down.

What I will always remember is that on the way home, I told the campus police that we were walking home and that we lived on in the dorm and we just gave a little nod, because the party I was with had a least 4 men under the age of 21.

So I wear the UNT shirts and am honored to say that I am an "UNT Mean Green" and every now and then I will play, Kermit the Frog's "Its not Easy Being Green" and it always brings a little smile to my face.

So you can imagine when I was following this season and it had not gone well and then I read this and when WTF...

Are Wayne Brady and Mike McStay Gonna Have to Choke A Bitch?

Fired North Texas Coach in Black Mood

By Rogers Cadenhead

My alma mater, the University of North Texas, made national news this past week when a booster for its football program threatened to withhold a $1 million donation after the team fired Coach Darrell Dickey.

In nine seasons, Dickey led the Mean Green to four straight Sun Belt Conference championships and the first bowl trip since 1959. He's one of the most accomplished coaches in the school's modest football history, but two losing seasons and criticism over recruitment led to his ouster. He's receiving a buyout in excess of $540,000 for the remaining years of his contract and agreed to coach through season's end.

UNT Mean Green player in black jersey for 2006 Florida Atlantic game

Two incidents that took place during Saturday's North Texas-Florida Atlantic game show how wildly things have spun out of control at UNT since the firing.

According to parents of current players, right before Saturday's game Coach Dickey snuck new black uniforms onto the team without the school's permission. The rec-league quality jerseys, pictured here, didn't contain the names of players or the school and conference logos. They weren't cleared with Athletic Director Rick Villareal or announced to the press before the game and might violate agreements with the school's uniform supplier.

During halftime of the game, offensive coordinator Ramon Flanagan allegedly started a physical fight with wide receivers Coach Chip Garber after being told he should play seniors because it was their final home game. The incident got so out of hand the offense received no instruction before going back out to start the third quarter.

As you might have guessed, North Texas lost the game, 17-16, and fell to 3-8.

I'm a small donor to the Mean Green Club, the school's booster program, and a longtime fan of UNT football. Because I've been digging into these incidents on the GoMeanGreen.Com message board, I've gotten independent corroboration from sources affiliated with the program. I'm withholding their names at their request.

I can't recall a situation where a head coach sprang new uniforms on a Division I college football team to "piss off" his athletic director, as Dickey reportedly acknowledged to players before the game. Combine this with a coordinator putting another coach in a choke hold until being pulled off and it's a meltdown of historic proportions.

Dickey, who also abandoned his customary attire for all-black clothes and a black cap.

He told reporters it "wasn't anything other than kids liking that color," drawing the ire of parents who didn't like the stunt being blamed on players. When I saw game photos on Sunday I thought Dickey had declared a period of mourning for his job.

I left two messages today with new UNT President Gretchen Bataille to relay these events. The departing seniors on the team deserve a better send off than childish stunts from coaches nursing a grudge, fans deserve better, and a school paying Dickey another half-mil not to coach deserves better.

I'll be disappointed if Dickey and Flanagan make the trip Saturday to finish the season against Louisiana-Monroe. I was on the fence about Dickey's firing, but I think he's shown his true colors. (UNT LOST 28-3 vs. L-M)

I really could not believe what the heck I was reading and when i went to the web site Go Mean Green it kinda confirmed the above story, I just wanted to go back to UNT and choke a fool or fools in this case.

Hopefully next season will be better. There are 2 young coaching prospects who are interested in the job, so we shall see, but if this happens again we really need to think about cleaning house at UNT.

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